In the aftermath of his visit to Israel yesterday and Mitt Romney’s unequivocal support for Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the Palestinian Authority as well as Arab spokespeople worldwide do not seem too pleased.   In fact on Monday after Mr. Romney left Israel, a Palestinian spokesman said that the reference to Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is “absolutely unacceptable.”  I suppose that is an additional reason that we in the US need a Romney victory in November.

As long as we are on the subject, by the way, here are a few things that are really unacceptable.  How about the Palestinian refusal to enter into any negotiations with Israel for the last two years under any circumstances?  How about the PA going to the United Nations seeking unilateral statehood in contravention to all signed agreements with Israel?

And how about continuing the practice of honoring and lionizing terrorist murderers of Jews and dubbing them openly and unabashedly as heroes?   How about the Palestinian Authority encouraging the International Olympic Committee not to feature an official moment of silence in memory of the Israeli Olympic athletes who were murdered by Palestinian terrorist in Munich 40-years ago?  Or how about the Lebanese judo team at the Olympics in London last week, refusing to practice on the same mats as the Israeli judo team as if the Israeli presence somehow bringing a foul or repugnant air to the proceedings?  Talk about things that are absolutely unacceptable.

What else do we really need at this point in time in the immediate aftermath of Tisha B’Av but the image of the man who can be President of the United States standing tall at the Kotel on the front pages of the world’s most widely read and influential newspapers. It’s a big world with myriad issues, interests and considerations that going into the equation that will select the next president.  This week it seemed that on both the domestic and international level there was nothing more important in the papers of note than what Israel and the Jews in the news are up to.  


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