Master Theater in Brooklyn

By Moshe David

“This Sunday, March 10, 2019, history will be made,” says Zvika Bornstein, producer and director of the upcoming concert. Two legendary performers from totally different backgrounds will join forces for what is sure to be a monumental concert. Gad Elbaz and Alex Clare will be performing together for the first time ever, at the Master Theater.

Gad Elbaz

The Jewish Music World is familiar with Gad Elbaz. Gad has been performing his hit songs for years, including “Halaila Hazeh Hazman,” “Lchaim,” and of course “Hashem Melech.” Gad has been singing since the age of four, when he sang with his father, Benny Elbaz (an Israeli Jewish music superstar in his own right). Wowing audiences with his stage presence and signature voice, Gad has continued to push the limits of Jewish music, always taking it to a higher level, and inspiring millions around the world.

Alex Clare, the British singer and songwriter, will also be headlining. Alex’s music has touched the hearts of millions of people. With his breakout top ten hit “Too Close,” Alex has established himself as a worldwide superstar. Alex became a ba’al teshuvah in the mid 2000s, and has mastered balancing the role of being an artist in the secular world while maintaining an Orthodox lifestyle.

Alex Claire

He tells his story of the sacrifices he had to make as an Orthodox Jew while under one of the biggest record labels in the UK, passing up on many big business opportunities that coincided with Shabbos and yomim tovim. Eventually, his original label dropped him, on account of him being unable to perform on those dates. Although times seemed bleak, his rav told him that Avraham Avinu also had to be tested, and that even though making the right decision didn’t make sense initially, eventually he would see siyata dishmaya. Sure enough, a short while later, Microsoft reached out to Alex, requesting to use his song “Too Close” in their international campaign for that year, skyrocketing sales of Alex’s work, and propelling him as a bestselling worldwide artist.

Other acts performing in the show are Chaim Shlomo Mayesz (“Bas Kol”, “Shpiegel”), Dovid Pearlman (“Miracles”, “Keep Smiling”), and Shea Rubenstein (“Window in Heaven”, “Flying High”).

This Sunday, these two stars will perform in two shows, at 3:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at the Master Theater (1029 Brighton Beach Avenue in Brooklyn).

“It will be a night to remember and you’ll want to be there!” says Gad Elbaz. “It will be an inspirational night,” adds Alex Clare.


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