NEW YORK–U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, honored last
week with the Distinguished Public Service Award of the American Jewish
Committee (AJC), praised her former Israeli counterpart, Israeli Ambassador to
the UN Gabriela Shalev.

Ambassador Susan Rice, flanked by Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama, on Dec. 2, 2008. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

“Gabby was a great friend and partner and colleague,” Rice told “I miss her. We had a wonderful
working relationship.”

Shalev served in the UN ambassador from 2008-10. The current Israeli
ambassador to the UN–whose resolutions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have
historically called for Israel, and not the Palestinians, to take steps toward
peace–is Ron Prosor.

“I am
proud to represent Israel in the dysfunctional family of nations,” Prosor told the
of nearly 250 people at AJC’s Women’s Leadership Board luncheon, where Rice was
“Demonizing and delegitimizing the State of Israel and the
Jewish people by lies and half-truths repeated and repeated has an
effect. We have to stand up and counter it… This is the
battlefield. They are going at us at our soft belly in an attempt to
divide us as a Jewish family.”

Rice told the crowd of nearly 250 people at
AJC’s Women’s Leadership Board luncheon

that AJC “has a distinguished history fighting for human
rights, democracy, the Jewish people, and the state of Israel.”

“I commend AJC and its leadership for your
thoughtful approach,” Rice said. “We all understand the UN’s flaws. But AJC has
also understood the importance of the UN, and of working for change with
persistence, patience, and principle. That’s not the easiest path, but it is
the most constructive one, and I’m grateful.”

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