Comfy cozy at Lev Chana
Comfy cozy at Lev Chana
Comfy cozy at Lev Chana

What an absolutely fun-filled week at HALB Lev Chana Early Childhood Center: a pajama party, a siyum sefer Bereishis, and the completion of Wilson’s Fundations phonics program.

What could be better than spending Wednesday in comfy, cozy pajamas while hugging a beloved snuggly friend and savoring delicious snacks of s’mores and hot chocolate? Each class enjoyed cuddling on the rug in ma’agal as they listened to the delightful classic bedtime story, The Napping House, read to them by co-directors Felecie Akerman and Lisa Zakutinsky. The children laughed uproariously as the sequence of events played itself out. Led by their music teachers, Morah Karen and Morah Tzila, the children sang Hamalach Hagoel, understanding that this song that they sing before they go to sleep originated in last week’s parashah, Vayechi, as a berachah given by Yaakov to his grandchildren, Menashe and Ephraim, that Hashem will protect them.

Friday was exciting as the children enjoyed delicious Torah-frosted cupcakes in celebration of their siyum sefer Bereishis. Rabbi Dovid Plotkin, principal of HALB, arrived to celebrate siyum sefer Bereishis with the children of the early childhood department. Rabbi Plotkin had welcome help from the kindergarten and then Nursery 4 children as they retold the story of sefer Bereishis, parashah by parashah, with the help of a slideshow. Thanks to the morot, the children not only answered the questions given, but added details and songs that amazed Rabbi Plotkin.

The kindergarten children cheered as they learned the last letters–letter-buddy combination ‘q’ and ‘u’–in their Wilson’s Fundations phonics program. The children baked delicious ABC cookies as a yummy treat to celebrate their accomplishments.


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