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Mr. President:

Governor Cuomo has decreed that every single one of our synagogues will be fined $15,000 if we dare to assemble for prayer, starting this coming Friday.

This is a blatant violation of our First Amendment right to freedom of religion.

The death rate from COVID in New York State is now essentially zero. There is no justification for this suspension of our civil liberties.

Testing positive is a phony issue, since the PCR test is notoriously unreliable, giving false positives 90% of the time.

The Governor is pursuing a “Scorched Earth” policy against the Jewish community.

Mayor deBlasio is also piling on. He is imposing a $1,000 fine for anyone who doesn’t wear a useless mask, whose pores are 400 times larger than the virus they are supposed to filter.

We beg you to issue an executive order nullifying these evil and unconstitutional decrees.

Thank you, and best wishes for your complete recovery.

רפואה שלימה
והצלחה רבה

Rabbi Hillel Handler


  1. Dear Community,

    How many revered Rabbis have already
    been taken by the virus? 35 in April, alone.


    Peter Glasser

  2. Larry, why do you continue to publish disinformation and insanity? Do you agree with them? Do you think that having “controversial” opinions in your publication will get more people to view your website and paper, enabling you to raise your advertising rates? Do you want to see more dead frum Jews? Rabbonim? Your irresponsibility is indistinguishable from intentional rishus.


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