By Larry Gordon

There’s nothing like a Shabbos meal at the home of Rabbi and Rebbetzin Mordechai Machlis in the Maalot Daphna area of Jerusalem. On both Friday night and Shabbos day, there is usually a crowd and a ruach that is unparalleled anywhere. Not only is there food aplenty for as many as 300 people in a room that would otherwise fit about 150, but once you adjust to the surroundings you realize that everyone is comfortable.

Then there are the warm words of Torah and encouragement from the rabbi that makes all present feel that they are indeed part of something special. I was there several years ago for Shabbos lunch and it was an outstanding experience. I was sitting across from Rabbi Machlis when he noticed several people who appeared mid-meal at the door to his home. I looked around, wondering where he was going to seat them, when the rabbi stood up and waved them in saying, “Come in, there’s plenty of room.” I looked at him a little bewildered and that is when he said to me, “Where there is love, there is always room.”

Rabbi Machlis and his family are extraordinary people. On Sunday night, August 17, there will be a benefit reception for Rabbi Machlis and his unique and sensational Shabbos meal program at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Seth Farbman on Eastwood Lane in Woodmere. The reception begins at 7:00 p.m. Ï–


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