Baila Sebrow, a panelist for the Five Towns Dating Forum, is coordinating the #1 singles event in Lawrence. Be’er Miriam Tziporah Hachnosas Kallah presents an evening for machmir singles, ages 23—38. The event is to take place this Sunday, January 6, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Cong. Shaaray Tefilah, 25 Central Avenue in Lawrence, under the auspices of Rav Dovid Weinberger, shlita. Price: $36. Elegant buffet dinner, Chinese auction, interactive singles programming, and divrei berachah by Rav Weinberger. Also, put on your best smile. Laibel and Chana Schwartz of Laibel Schwartz Photography will be there capturing you at your best. Stand up straight to take a stunning portfolio, or have some fun posing to capture images for your personal use and enjoyment. Bringing you photo booth fun for your added entertainment. For reservations please contact Baila Sebrow at 516-239-0564 or e-mail e-mail: v


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