A moving interview with a survivor of the Holocaust. Original Video produced by fusfoo.

This video is the story of 85 year old “Anna”, who we met this summer when our fusfoo team had the honor of interviewing a group of senior citizens at a nursing home in Queens, NY. Our original purpose was to make a video series of “life lessons” from the men and woman who lived in a world so socially and technologically different from the one we have today. Anna was our last interview of the day and the story she told us moved us beyond words and brought us to tears. She requested that we not use her real name because the fear of what she went through still resonates so strongly in her to this day.

This week marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day, paying tribute to the passage of 70 years since the January 27, 1945, liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet soldiers. We want to honor that day of remembrance by sharing Anna’s story with you.


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