I don’t understand it but several people who I respect in the political field and who monitor these types of things have related to me over the past few days that they expect Barrack Obama to be re-elected in November.  I don’t agree with them but then again I don’t have the sophisticated tools that these individuals have to analyze these things at my disposal.

“The numbers just do not look good for Romney in the swing states,” is the gist of what they are saying.  And I don’t get that either though I do understand that a great deal of factors contribute to the fashion in which people, communities and states make a decision about a President of the United States.

I think that Mitt Romney has an excellent chance to be victorious in November and that would in my estimation be the best thing for this country going forward.  These experts say that it is their feeling that Romney is not the ideal candidate and that he is even in fact a rather weak candidate.

That may be so and I think that at this juncture anyway, Romney is too much of a gentleman and has not effectively communicated the fact of Obama’s failed and even bungled presidency to this point.  If Newt Gingrich was the Republican nominee this would have no doubt been a different race even at this early juncture.  At the same time though the mainstream press would have been all over Gingrich punching holes and seeking to undermine his candidacy at every turn Gingrich would know how to deal with it handily.

The press is trying to do the same thing with Romney although the tone is different, let’s say it is less hostile.  It is probably that way because the press sees Romney as less of a threat than Gingrich would have been.

Next week Mitt Romney will be making his much awaited trip to Israel which is usually a prerequisite for a presidential candidate these days.  Obama is staying away though just the other day he announced that when he is re-elected (and if he is re-elected) he will plan a visit to Israel.  I understand the Obama approach to Israel and the fact that he sought to create daylight on policy between the US and Israel in the hope of being able to ingratiate himself and curry some favor with Israel’s enemies.  I don’t think that he necessarily endeavored to do this to hurt Israel but rather because he thought that it would benefit the US in some way.

That was a miscalculation and aside from his mismanagement of the economy, his worst mistake.  No wonder that the president does not want to be seen in Israel.  It would be too much of a reminder of what a novice he has been and of all the errors he has made.

At the end of the day people across the length and breadth of the land will vote for what is best for them personally.   Maybe they figure that if it’s not good for America that it is really not their problem.  And that’s a problem.


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