(JNS.org) Archeologists have discovered
an ancient church in the ruins of the ancient biblical city of Shiloh.

The Ark of the Covenant with golden staves carried by the priests, and seven priests with rams’ horns, at the siege of Jericho, in an eighteenth-century artist’s depiction. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

The church, which
dates to the fourth century C.E., is believed to have been built over the site
where the Ark of the Covenant was once housed by the ancient Israelites, Israel Hayom reported.

The church was
discovered by accident when archeological workers, who were digging a drainage
ditch for rainwater, came across remarkably well-preserved mosaics.

Shiloh is an
ancient biblical city located in the hills of Samaria that was the religious
and cultural capital of Israel before Jerusalem. It is mentioned several times
in the Hebrew Bible and also became an important center of worship during the
early Christian period as well.

Today the area,
known as Tel Shiloh, has become an important site for archeologists.

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Source: JNS.org


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