(Devarim 30:1—10)

The Melech HaMashiach (“anointed king”) is destined to arise and restore the kingdom of David to its glory of old, to its original sovereignty. He will build the Holy Temple and gather the dispersed of Israel. In his times, all laws (of the Torah) will be reinstated as before; the sacrifices will be offered, the Sabbatical year and the Jubilee year instituted as outlined in the Torah.

Whoever does not believe in him or does not anticipate his coming, denies not only the other prophets but also the Torah and Moshe. For the Torah testifies about him: “G‑d shall return your captivity and have compassion upon you. And He will return and gather you from all the nations amongst whom the L‑rd your G‑d has scattered you . . . If your outcasts shall be at the ends of the heavens, from there will the L‑rd your G‑d gather you, from there He will take you . . . G‑d will bring you . . .” These explicit words of the Torah encapsulate all that has been said [regarding Mashiach] by the prophets.

(Mishneh Torah, Laws of Kings 11:1)

And it shall come to pass . . .

(Devarim 30:1—10)

The events prophesied in this chapter are still destined to be fulfilled, as they had yet been realized, not in the days of the First Temple, nor in the days of the Second Temple; it is the sum of our comfort and our hope, and the cure for all our troubles.



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