Up Close With Elliot J. Blumenthal

By Rochelle Maruch Miller

That Elliot J. Blumenthal’s clients entrust him with their lives is not surprising. A widely respected attorney who worked at the boutique law firm of Plotnick, Schapiro, and Crocker for almost two decades, Elliot focused his practice primarily on complex civil and white-collar litigation. Committed to providing each of his clients with the highest caliber of professional representation, he represents parties in civil litigations, including counseling trials and arbitration hearings, taking and defending depositions, and coordinating discovery demands and responses. As well, Elliot represents targets and subjects of criminal and administrative investigations. Among the many cases he has successfully represented in his practice are high-profile matrimonial and criminal cases.

In 2005, his firm merged with Buchanan, Ingersoll, and Rooney, a large Philadelphia-based law firm. Although he remained with the firm for seven more years, Elliot’s dream of opening his own practice, perhaps closer to home, began to appear more feasible than ever. Recently, Elliot’s dream was brought to fruition with the opening of his new practice, the Law Office of Elliot Blumenthal, in the heart of Cedarhurst.

Born and raised in the Five Towns, Elliot and his lovely wife are active members of our community. The Blumenthals, who are Woodmere residents, belong to Aish Kodesh, and their children attend yeshivas in our community. Elliot’s Five Towns connection played a significant role in determining where he would open his practice. “I felt this was the ideal location for me to open my law practice. We are seeing an increase in the number of businesses that have opened here in our community, whether they be new ventures or businesses that have relocated. I see this reflected in my client base,” Elliot explains. “I am representing local businesses, local individuals, as well as clients from well beyond the area.”

What inspired Elliot Blumenthal to become an attorney was his interest in law as well as the desire to contribute to the greater good. “I was looking for a profession that would be both interesting and challenging; a career which would afford me the opportunity to help people.”

Which is precisely what Mr. Blumenthal has been doing since he began practicing law. “There have been many challenges along the way where the personal rights of individuals were at stake,” he says. “We represent clients in financial cases where we see their lives falling apart. In the aftermath of the storm, we are representing homeowners in disputes with insurance companies, where the insurance adjusters are challenging the determinations. These cases are serious and very important.”

Elliot has obtained unanimous arbitration decisions worth in excess of $20 million to the client. He has represented the respondent in a corporate dissolution matter in the commercial division of the Westchester County Supreme Court that settled favorably after two days of trial.

Elliot successfully represented a publicly traded company at trial in the commercial division of the New York County Supreme Court and through appeals in a contract dispute with a major New York City developer; a $3 million jury verdict was affirmed on appeal.

He acted as litigation counsel to a large international bank with respect to a half-billion-dollar commercial dispute arising out of the production of liquefied natural gas in Indonesia. In a high-profile child-custody trial in New York County family court, Elliot represented the mother, where the Appellate Division First Department reversed the trial-court decision based upon the trial record and granted custody to the mother.

Passionately advocating the constitutional rights of every citizen, Elliot Blumenthal fights for the rights of every one of his clients all across the nation. “Our Constitution protects the rights of every individual,” explains Elliot. He represented a defendant convicted of perjury in sentencing proceedings in a high-profile matter in federal court in Los Angeles; the client was sentenced to probation following negotiation of a cooperation agreement and working with prosecutors to prepare the client for trial testimony which led to a finding of substantial assistance.

In Miami, Elliot represented a real-estate developer in workout litigation against a mezzanine lender, relating to a major commercial development. He represented a foreign distributor of pet food suing its U.S. manufacturer for breach of warranty. He has represented a large national bank in New York state and federal courts in several cases seeking to protect the bank’s liens on disputed properties and as a claimant on a forfeiture case.

The aforementioned cases are but a few of the thousands of clients Elliot Blumenthal has successfully represented throughout the past two decades. Mr. Blumenthal has also published articles regarding various aspects of federal criminal law, including an analysis of the federal sentencing guidelines.

A distinguished attorney, Elliot describes himself as a “problem solver” and welcomes the diversity of his cases. “Each case is unique in its own right,” he explains. “We have been successful in helping every client determine what is best for them and reaching a successful solution.”

The Law Office of Elliot J. Blumenthal is located at 483 Chestnut Street. To schedule a consultation or for additional information please call 516-295-0903. v

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