Village punks bounce up and down on an Audi, leaving its windows smashed.

A mob trashed a white Audi in Greenwich Village – with several people jumping  on the vehicle and smashing its windows after the driver got into an argument  with a cyclist, witnesses said.

The sedan’s owner, identified by a witness as Mitchell Levine, was driving  through the intersection of Broadway and Bleecker Street at about 11:15 p.m.  Thursday when his car was halted by the cyclist.

As the two men exchanged words, several members of the crowd – some of whom  had been dancing atop other cars earlier – circled the Audi A4.

Some people jumped on top of the car, kicking the vehicle’s front and back  windows, witnesses said.

Village punks bounce up and down on an Audi, leaving its windows smashed.

“There were maybe two main guys who were jumping on the car and started  smashing the windshield,” a witness told The Post. “A lot of the people were  cheering, a lot were just spectators.

“The guy was trying to drive. He was going as slowly as he could without  running anybody over,” the witness added of Levine. “He later told me he was  afraid for his life. He was just trying to go home.”

He couldn’t move any farther as the crowd got even thicker, with dozens of  passersby filming the incident while others yelled obscenities at the  driver.

Police arrived minutes later. But by then, the suspects had fled.

“There were a lot of people when police got there, but it wasn’t clear if  they were involved,” the witness said.

During the chaos, Mark Fernandez, 21, of Brooklyn, was arrested for allegedly  pushing his way through the crowd and striking an officer as cops tried to clear  the area, police said.

He was charged with obstructing governmental administration, resisting  arrest, harassment and disorderly conduct.

A 17-year-old male whose name was not disclosed was issued a summons for  disorderly conduct in connection with the incident.

It is unclear what started the incident, but a local resident said the attack  may have been sparked when Levine’s car got too close to the bicycle.

“Downtown traffic on Broadway was trying to push through the crowd when the  Audi nearly hit a bicyclist crossing Bleecker and Broadway,” a tipster told  Gothamist.

“Not clear who was at fault. The bicyclist stopped in front of the Audi and  began screaming at the driver. I couldn’t hear what was being said.”

Source: The NY Post


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