x3It is likely the most anticipated event of the DRS school year: The Annual Shabbaton. This past Shabbos, DRS sophomores, juniors, and seniors, accompanied by their rebbeim and their families, spent the weekend at the Bridgewater Hotel in Somerset, New Jersey. The students arrived at the hotel on Thursday evening. Upon arrival, the students checked in to their rooms, and then headed to the Shiur vs. Shiur Trivia Challenge, during which the students’ knowledge of Torah, DRS history, music, and pop culture were put to the test. Following the game, everyone was treated to a lavish BBQ with all the “fixings.” But the night was still young, as the students entered the grand ballroom which was transformed into a full-out game room, replete with ping pong tables, basketball hoops, and six big screens for the Madden Xbox tournament. On Friday morning, after Shacharit and some divrei halachah, the students headed over to the beautiful grounds of Colonial Park to partake in the annual Shabbaton Flag Football Tournament, where 15 games were played simultaneously.

The pre-Shabbos festivities came to an end as students returned to the hotel to prepare for the holiness of Shabbat. After an inspiring Kabalat Shabbat, and moving zemirot during dinner, students were privileged to partake in two incredibly enjoyable educational programs. DRS hosted Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff, a noted entertaining and captivating speaker who spoke to the boys about the Jewish perspective of pleasure. In another room, two DRS rebbeim took to the stage in a mock debate that revolved around the heated issue of whether or not to draft chareidim into the Israeli Army. Both sessions were immensely engaging, and the students truly gained a lot from both. After an incredibly inspiring shalosh seudot program, and a lebedik melaveh malkah, many students commented that this year’s Shabbaton was a most memorable one. v


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