Wa’ed Tamimi, older brother of Ahed Tamimi, was sentenced on Monday to 14 months in jail for attacking Israeli security forces with rocks on multiple occasions in the last three years.

Wa’ed, 22, was arrested in May for an incident that took place in March 2017, in which he and others attacked an Israel Defense Forces army Jeep that got stuck in his hometown of Nabi Saleh. One soldier was reportedly hurt in the hand.

The verdict against Wa’ed came less than a month after Ahed and their mother Nariman finished their jail sentences for hitting and punching an Israeli soldier in a case that raised ire in Israel and attention from around the world.

During sentencing, Wa’ed was also given a 12-month suspended sentence for another attack in 2016 and fined NIS 7,500 (a little more than $2,000), with a warning that he should not participate in any more attacks on IDF troops in the next five years.

In his plea agreement, Wa’ed agreed not to engage in “a third incident.”

Wa’ed and Ahed’s father, Bassem, praised Wa’ed in Facebook in the wake of the sentencing. “We are proud that you are on the path of resistance that Palestine deserves,” he wrote. “Victory is on its way and the occupation is on its way out.”