Rav Dovid Hofstedter visiting Rav Yitzchok Scheiner
Rav Dovid Hofstedter visiting Rav Yitzchok Scheiner
Rav Dovid Hofstedter visiting Rav Yitzchok Scheiner

By Chaim Gold

“Once again Dirshu is stepping into the breach at a time of great difficulty for Klal Yisrael.” That is the way Rabbi Shlomo Rozenstein, Dirshu’s director of public affairs, described Dirshu’s bein ha’zemanim program in Eretz Yisrael. The program is immeasurably enhancing the summer bein ha’zemanim for thousands of bachurim throughout Eretz Yisrael while affording them a practical way to answer the call of the leading gedolei ha’dor to strengthen themselves in learning during this bein ha’zemanim.

Rabbi Rozenstein explains, “This summer in Eretz Yisrael has been one of the most difficult summers in memory. The country has been at war with an implacable foe. Soldiers were fighting on an extremely difficult battlefield and our bnei yeshiva were fighting with the koach of Yaakov, the kol Yaakov–unremitting dedication to Torah and tefillah. The gedolei Yisrael from across the spectrum addressed these trying times and encouraged all bnei yeshiva to learn and daven with tremendous mesirus nefesh to invoke rachamei Shamayim on behalf of Am Yisrael. The gedolim also cautioned that this bein ha’zemanim must be different than a regular summer bein ha’zemanim. Regardless of whether or not there is a viable cease-fire, the situation facing Am Yisrael both in Eretz Yisrael and in the diaspora is not simple. Although, certainly, bnei yeshiva need a change of pace, nevertheless, the kol Yaakov of limud haTorah and tefillah must be heard strongly during bein ha’zemanim too.”

One younger rosh yeshiva of a very large yeshiva gedolah in Eretz Yisrael related, “We heard the call of the ziknei ha’dor, but on a practical level it was difficult to enact.” This is where Dirshu displayed its unique koach, stepping in with a practical method. Showing its remarkable ahavas haTorah and using all its talents and resources, Dirshu created an organized learning program with small incentives, aimed at ensuring that the kol Yaakov of thousands of bnei yeshiva would resonate strongly throughout bein ha’zemanim and arouse the Divine protection that comes through the pure limud haTorah of bnei yeshiva.

The gedolei roshei yeshiva enthusiastically greeted the news that Dirshu would be running a special bein ha’zemanim program. Not only did they express their gratitude to Dirshu for stepping into the breach, but they have strongly encouraged their talmidim to join the program, thus continuing to participate in the defense of Eretz Yisrael during this very difficult summer.

Dirshu designed the program to appeal to a wide range of bachurim from every segment of Klal Yisrael. Providentially, Dirshu’s popular daf hayomi b’halacha program has just begun learning the often complex laws of sukkah. The hanhalah of Dirshu designed a special daf hayomi b’halacha program for this bein ha’zemanim that will allow bnei yeshiva to come out from bein ha’zemanim with comprehensive knowledge of a significant part of the halachos of sukkah.

Rabbi Avigdor Bernstein, a senior member of Dirshu’s hanhalah, explained, “With Sukkos just around the corner, it is truly a ‘davar b’ito,’ a timely limud. Moreover, many bnei yeshiva do not normally have the time to learn the halachos of building the sukkah and what constitutes a kosher sukkah. During the Elul zeman, when the focus is on teshuvah and the Yamim Nora’im, the halachos of sukkah are not usually learned. Once Yom Kippur comes, Sukkos is just days away. Dirshu has especially published 20,000 beautifully designed daf hayomi b’halacha Sukkos booklets containing the daily limud with helpful diagrams and other important material to enhance the understanding of the halachos and to offer chizuk.”

In Eretz Yisrael, there exists a yeshivas bein ha’zemanim system in virtually every chareidi neighborhood. Yeshivas bein ha’zemanim enables bnei yeshiva to come learn together in a local beis medrash in an organized fashion. It generally consists of one seder per day with prizes such as sefarim or small stipends awarded for steady attendance. Dirshu has linked with yeshivas bein ha’zemanim programs across the length and breadth of Eretz Yisrael, not only sharing its program, but offering a matching grant program doubling the sefarim rewards given by each of the yeshivos bein ha’zemanim. Dirshu has also liaised with numerous yeshiva camps in Eretz Yisrael, which have also adopted the daf hayomi b’halacha on hilchos sukkah as their summer limud. In addition, Dirshu will be giving a special stipend to any talmid who takes the test on the entire program spanning Simanim 625—630.

“In truth,” says Rabbi Motti Kroizer, a senior member of Dirshu’s hanhalah, “the prizes and stipends are not what have made the program so popular with the thousands of participants. The fact that Dirshu understands the learning needs of bnei yeshiva and invests time and effort to create a structured program is the real reason for the program’s phenomenal success. The prizes and stipends are merely sweeteners gifted to bnei yeshiva who are already learning, that show how much Dirshu values the avodas hakodesh of our most precious commodity, the bnei yeshiva.

Daf HaYomi B’Halacha is the perfect limud for a summer bein ha’zemanim,” says Rabbi Avigdor Bernstein. “It is an opportunity to learn the complex halachos of sukkah in a comprehensive fashion with the Mishnah Berurah. Dirshu’s new edition, with its voluminous biurim and musafim that bring so much context and depth, as well as piskei halacha of all the leading gedolim, past and present, who lived after the Mishnah Berurah was published, offers the talmidim a wide-ranging knowledge and an extremely engaging seder.

“I recently toured the country, visiting a wide array of Dirshu yeshivas bein ha’zemanim locales and watched bachurim learn and debate the halachos of sukkah. It was an eye-opening experience! I developed an even greater understanding of why the gedolei Yisrael so trust Dirshu and appreciate its role in facilitating limud haTorah on an unimaginable scope and scale. The resultant rachamei Shamayim invoked on behalf of Klal Yisrael is certainly also on an unimaginable scope and scale!” Ï–


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