(JNS.org) Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians
gathered around Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Sunday to urge Islamist President
Mohamed Morsi to step down.

“It’s the same politics as Mubarak but we are in a worse
situation,” said Sameh al-Masri, one of the organizers on the main stage of
Sunday’s protest, Al-Jazeera
reported. “Poverty is increasing, inflation is increasing. It’s much worse than

The protests–part of an anti-Morsi campaign started
last month known as Tamarod, which has gathered more than 22 million signatures
on a petition calling for Morsi’s resignation–began in Alexandria on
Friday afternoon and then spread to other cities around Egypt. Several of the
Muslim Brotherhood-linked Freedom and Justice Party’s headquarters were torched
by protestors, the Egypt Independent

Pro-Morsi Islamists also held counter-protests. Security officials fear that clashes
between pro-Morsi and anti-Morsi groups could grow more violent, forcing the
military to step in to restore law and order like it did during the February
2011 revolt against former President Hosni Mubarak.

Andrew Pochter, a 21-year-old American Jewish student
from Kenyon College in Ohio, was randomly stabbed to death during protests in
Alexandria on Friday, his family said in a statement, according to Israel Hayom.

Pochter was in Egypt as part of the non-profit
organization Amideast because he “cared profoundly about the Middle East, and
he planned to live and work there in the pursuit of peace and understanding,” his
family’s statement said.

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Source: JNS.org


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