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Posted by Bill Levinson

Jerry Gordon shared this article with me. Pay close attention to the militant “Islamic” blood libel.

By Jacob Kamaras/

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Americans for Peace and Tolerance (APT) are at odds over the presence of anti-Israel materials in the public school system of Newton, Mass.

APT–a Boston-based nonprofit “dedicated to promoting peaceful coexistence in an ethnically diverse America by educating the American public about the need for a moderate political leadership that supports tolerance and core American values in communities across the nation”–is calling for reforms in Newton schools to prevent the reappearance of those materials, most notably the Arab World Studies Notebook, which claims that Israeli soldiers murdered hundreds of Palestinian nurses in Israeli prisons.


The truth is, however, that Arabs murdered Israeli medical personnel.

The Hadassah convoy massacre took place on April 13, 1948, when a convoy, escorted by Haganah militia, bringing medical and military supplies and personnel to Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus was ambushed by Arab forces.[1]

Seventy-nine Jewish doctors and nurses and one British soldier were killed in the attack. Dozens of unidentified bodies, burned beyond recognition, were buried in a mass grave in the Sanhedria Cemetery.

It is not the Jew, the Christian, or even the ordinary Muslim who butchers unarmed medical personnel; this is the exclusive province of the militant “Muslim” or jihadist, the self-proclaimed enemy of all civilized Humanity.

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