The condition of Chief Rabbi of Argentina Gabriel Davidovich is improving after he was badly beaten during a home invasion on Monday.

A group of burglars entered his home in Buenos Aires on Monday morning. His wife was tied up during the incident, the local Jewish umbrella organization AMIA said in a statement.

Although it remains unclear whether this attack was motivated by antisemitism, there is a growing suspicion that he was targeted because he was Jewish.

AMIA said that the attackers “savagely” beat him, telling him they knew he was the most prominent rabbi in Argentina.

Davidovich is still hospitalized with nine broken ribs, a punctured lung and a concussion. He is expected to be released over the weekend.

In an interview with the local Clarín newspaper, Davidovich said, “I’m not angry and don’t want revenge. I am one of those who forgive. I don’t know if the attack was antisemitic. My body hurts a lot, but I’m calm and I’m not afraid.”

The chief rabbi told the newspaper that the intruders beat him and jumped on his body while he was on the floor.

“After that, I don’t remember what happened. From the time I get out of the hospital, I’ll have at least a month of recovery and rehab, and I’ll spend the time with my wife and four children. I’m a little weak right now due to the pain relievers and the antibiotics,” he said.

Radio Jai’s Miguel Steuermann said it’s clear to the entire community that the attack on the Davidoviches was anti-Semitic.

“The attackers entered their home at 02:00, and immediately told him that they know he’s the rabbi of the Jewish community. They tied him up, covered his head, and beat him hard until he lost consciousness. They broke his ribs,” Steuermann said.

“If they just wanted to steal – they didn’t have to beat him.

“Two Brazilian tourists who were at a bus stop near the house and heard what was happening and called the police. When the police came in they saw him lying on the floor.”

Source: JNS, Arutz Sheva