Special Shabbos
At Ohab Zedek, July 25—26

Congregation Ohab Zedek of Belle Harbor will be holding a Shabbos of Solidarity with Israel this Shabbos, ParashasMasei. Special tefillos will be recited for the safety of the state of Israel as well as the success of the IDF. Rabbi Selengut’s Shabbos-morning derashah, titled “The Flowers of Eliraz Peretz: Life Lessons from a Fallen Soldier,” will be dedicated to addressing the heroism of the IDF soldiers who fell in battle. There will also be a special class to give perspective during this difficult period, titled “In the Desert a Vision: Looking Forward with Hope.” The Belle Harbor community hopes that their tefillos and divreiTorah will serve as a merit for all of acheinu Bnei Yisrael. v

Expert Medical Imaging

What do summer vacations have in common with the successful treatment of injuries or illnesses? A plan! Without a plan, vacations would border on misadventures and physicians would struggle to determine the treatments that will produce the best outcomes for their patients.

An essential component of a physician’s patient-treatment plan is medical imaging. Radiological Associates of Long Island (RALI) specializes in using an array of medical imaging techniques, such as CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET), fusion imaging, ultrasound, echocardiography, and X-rays to accurately diagnose and provide a clear view of injuries or illnesses.

Serving as physicians’ proverbial “eagle eyes” are RALI’s experienced staff of board-certified radiologists: Matthew D. Rifkin, MD, FACR; Elliott Eisenberger, MD; Stacey A. Funt, MD; Stephen M. Henesch, DO; Andrew J. Hwang, MD; Stephen W. Lastig, MD; Rachel Lynn Piechowiak, MS, DO; Douglas W. Silfen, MD; Ari M. Steiner, MD; and Sydney S. Yoon, MD. With more than 130 years of combined experience, RALI’s staff assists physicians with choosing the proper examination, interpreting the results of the medical images, and applying the information provided by the images to determine the best possible patient treatment plan.

RALI radiologists’ subspecialties include breast, musculoskeletal, neuroradiology, oncology, ultrasound, pediatric, and abdominal radiology, as well as nuclear medicine. They also assist physicians with radiation therapy treatment planning, correlating information from other examinations and tests, recommending additional tests or treatments, and coordinating radiology technologists to ensure proper performance and quality of exams.

An FDA and American College of Radiology-accredited mammography center, RALI is equipped with the latest advancements in imaging technologies, including MR angiography, Spiral CT-scan, Digital Stereotactic Breast Biopsy, and Miraluma nuclear breast scan (a noninvasive nuclear medicine test that produces high-contrast pictures of malignant lesions).

RALI’s experienced staff is intensely focused on radiation safety and protection, radiation effects, and performance and interpretation of radiological and medical imaging. Patients and their physicians can count on RALI to provide standard-setting quality of care and thorough results.

RALI is located at 185 Merrick Road in Oceanside, directly across from South Nassau Communities Hospital. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 516-766-6550 or visit www.rali.org. v

DineNMeet Makes Encore Visit To Woodmere

Following a successful DineNMeet event last year that culminated in a shidduch made by a host between a guest and her friend, DineNMeet returned to Woodmere last Shabbos, bringing 80 guests. Young Israel of Woodmere, which is active in promoting singles’ events and initiatives, partnered with YUConnects and DineNMeet to make the Shabbos uniquely productive and comfortable for all participants. “This was one of the best and most relaxed events I’ve ever been to,” e-mailed one attendee afterward. “The people were high quality and I now have lots of new suggestions.”

The concept is simple and successful. On Friday night after Maariv, the guests dispersed across ten hosts’ homes for delicious meals. Equally divided between men and women, approximately eight guests were placed in each home based on compatibility and commonalities. Conversation took off and many meals lasted well past midnight.

Shabbos day, participants came together at an annex of the Young Israel of Woodmere for an afternoon dessert reception at which they all got a chance to meet each other, and–again–the schmoozing went on for hours even after the program ended. The group reconnected for a gala shalosh seudos in a lovely local home where the conversation picked up right where it left off. Many local matchmakers and facilitators assisted throughout by mingling and getting to know most of the participants. Following a singing Havdalah, guests headed out to individual dates and group bowling. So far, 80% of participants expressed interest in at least one other guest.

Thankfully, there is much follow-up work to be done! Surveys are still coming in, and the results are consistent: it was a success. Dates have been arranged and a team of top-notch matchmakers from DineNMeet and YUConnects are busily–and happily–following up on all requests.

DineNMeet plans exclusive, elegant events for targeted groups of Orthodox singles based on age, hashkafah, and other factors. Events run monthly throughout different New York communities and the format changes: Tuesday night wine and dessert tasting, Wednesday Mediterranean dinner, or Shabbos in full swing. Each event targets a different niche, ensuring maximum compatibility and success amongst participants. To date, DineNMeet has seen two engagements: the first of which came from Woodmere last year! Most recently, a couple who met at the Kew Gardens Hills event last May got engaged last month. In the last year, DineNMeet has coordinated nine events, served 614 participants, received 590 requests for more information about another guest, and seen over 35 couples go out on at least one date.

YUConnects fosters healthy meeting opportunities and relationships toward marriage. By conducting interactive workshops and hosting educational forums and unique social activities, it is changing the current dating scene. YUConnects’ many events and friendly professional matchmakers have, to date, enabled 334 people to meet their spouses.

Stay tuned for more events, and, iy’H, engagements, to come. v

FR Touro Student Cited For Scholarship

Vice President and Dean Robert Goldschmidt presented a plaque at the 40th Touro College Commencement Exercises in Lincoln Center to Rabbi Yehuda Lehrfield, 2014 valedictorian of the Lander College in Flatbush, in recognition of his outstanding academic record. A resident of Far Rockaway, Yehuda earned a perfect 4.0 GPA and scored in the top 1% nationally on the Dental Admission Test (DAT).

Yehuda, who learned in the Mirrer Yeshiva in Israel and in kollel in the U.S., received semichah from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg in Jerusalem. In the fall he will be attending the University of Maryland Dental School in Baltimore, ranked among the top in the U.S.

Yehuda’s three sisters and his wife are also graduates of Touro’s Lander College in Flatbush. v

Nishmas Hatorah BBQ

On Wednesday, July 9, Yeshiva Nishmas Hatorah, led by Rabbi Yissachar Blinder and Rabbi Pinchus Weinberger, held its third annual event in support of the yeshiva. It was graciously hosted by Yanki Mueller and Shalom Vegh in Cedarhurst at the Mueller residence. It was a beautiful show of support and chizuk from the community for the yeshiva. Those in attendance enjoyed a delectable barbecue catered by Yanky Potasch, beer-tasting, and live music supplied by Nafshenu Orchestra.

A common refrain heard many times over the evening was, “Why wasn’t there a yeshiva like this when I was in beismidrash?” What is it that parents, businessmen, and young people alike all see that is so refreshing and unique about Yeshiva Nishmas Hatorah?

In their speeches, Rabbis Blinder and Weinberger gave the audience a glimpse into the hashkafah and goal of the yeshiva. Rabbi Blinder spoke so eloquently about each individual’s responsibility to be a great husband, a great father, and most of all, a great Yid. It’s easy to point fingers and shift blame, but ultimately the onus is on each individual to make himself into who he would like to be. He emphasized that although the yeshiva is bastion of Torah and there is much emphasis placed on each bachur’s progress in learning, Yeshiva Nishmas Hatorah’s main goal is to prepare each bachur for life and the challenges that come along the way.

Rabbi Weinberger spoke next and continued along the same theme. He explained a common misconception people have that impedes their growth. People generally feel that that the responsibility of effecting positive change in this world is relegated to a few Torah leaders and askanim, and the rest of the “common folk” can’t possibly produce change. However, one can see clearly from that week’s parashah that Pinchas was the one who stood up for emes, and he was the one who received the ultimate reward. This was not despite the fact that he wasn’t a leader, but because he wasn’t a leader, rather one of the klal. Rabbi Weinberger then explained that in today’s times we need the “regular people” to step up to the plate. This is the message that is constantly being inculcated into the yeshiva bachurim, and the rosheiyeshiva empower the boys to take initiative and get involved in the klal.

With this chinuch, packaged with a high level of learning and exceptionally devoted and caring rebbeim, it is no wonder that a bachur from Yeshiva Nishmas Hatorah internalizes these messages and strives to be “a better husband, a better father, and a better Yid.”

The yeshiva’s well-rounded curriculum includes three sedarim a day, prioritizing serious learning with an emphasis on retention. There is a focus on halachah, understanding tefillah, and business ethics. The yeshiva regularly invites successful businessmen to discuss their challenges in their workplaces and how they deal with such issues, as well as guest speakers who offer words that inspire. The yeshiva also employs a dayan who travels in once a week to give a shiur on the various halachos that pertain to a variety of businesses. The yeshiva has hosted a number of Shalom Task Force workshops as well.

The high-spirited learning is enhanced by many extracurricular activities and its devoted rebbeim. The yeshiva is further enriched by its menahel, Rabbi Abi Goldenberg, whose signature warmth and keen perception is showered upon the bachurim on a personal level. Bais Medrash Heichal Dovid in Lawrence hosts the yeshiva.

With all the above factors combined, it is no wonder that the yeshiva’s goal of preparing its boys not simply to survive life’s challenges, but rather to thrive, has baruchHashem merited much success. The yeshiva should be blessed with hatzlachah as it continues the great kiddushHashem it has begun. v

Season Of Growth
At LY Library

Hundreds of people came out in support of the Levi Yitzchak Library on July 16 for their Season of Growth event. The day was packed with nutritious food demonstrations and great speakers. Attendees were amazed how the rooms had been transformed overnight from a library to an elegant event space, with many of the books replaced with a beautiful display of desserts, flowers, and prizes.

When the Levi Yitzchak Library first opened nearly four years ago, the tragedy of Levi Wolowik’s, a’h, untimely death galvanized the community into action to build a community library. So many people in the community embraced the concept and believed in the vision of bringing a Jewish lending library to fruition. Baruch Hashem, the library has developed into an essential component of the Five Towns for children, teens, adults, and seniors. The growth of the library and the far-reaching impact it has had on families across the country has been astounding. The library is on track to lend its 100,000th book by the end of this summer from a collection of 10,000 books.

In order to continue to provide the great programs that everyone has come to love, the library needs the continued support of the community. The Levi Yitzchak Family Center is an independent 501©3 not for profit institution that is funded by the community. This Season of Growth event was the first stage in the fundraising to highlight the capital requirements to sustain and grow this community gem of a resource.

The library also depends on its volunteers who have committed themselves to helping out in a variety of ways. Some commit to helping out on a weekly basis, while others give of their time to help out with programs or fundraising efforts. The Season of Growth event was a success due to the dedication of the committee chairs Elisheva Baum, Sharrone Glick, Malkie Hirsch, Tzippy Perlstein, and Rifky Robinson, and a team of loyal volunteers who give of their personal time and energy to ensure that the library thrives. Whether a teen or adult, for an event or daily staff support, the dedication of volunteers has provided invaluable support to the library over the years.

Tzippy Cohen-Perlstein of the Artisan Crunch jump-started the day with delicious shakes and smoothies. These drinks, made with superfood ingredients, ensured that everyone started off their day feeling energized and healthy. With spiralizing being all the rage in creating healthy, pretty dishes, we were then treated to a demonstration by fabulous food blogger Chanie Apfelbaum of BusyinBrooklyn.com. Chanie showed how to make Cajun sweet potato rice made from just vegetables and beans and a beet pizza minus the calories of a slice of bread. The aroma in the library was intoxicating, bringing in people off the street. As midafternoon came, and the heat outside became unbearable, Chaia Frishman of Fruit Platters and More helped visitors cool off with refreshing fresh fruit sorbet and homemade fruit leather.

The day was capped off with a chic evening soiree, which included crisp, flavorful Napa Valley wines paired with a large assortment of exotic cheeses from Kosher & Natural, sweet and savory crepes, and delectable desserts. As guests mingled, they had the opportunity to view the amazing prizes donated by the generous sponsors of the event and find out what the stars have in store for them. Rabbi Mendel Zirkind, renowned astrological reader (based solely on Torah sources), spoke about the true powers of the stars, planets, and signs and the impact they have on our personalities, relationships, and overall success. The evening ended with the raffle drawings, which were humorously parlayed by award winning comedian Dr. Stuart Rappaport of Central Vision in Cedarhurst. The stars were surely aligned for some lucky participants who walked away with valuable prizes; however, everyone who attended left feeling like a winner for supporting a valuable local charitable institution.

The next stage of the Season of Growth is a Nine Days Siyum and Dinner taking place on July 30 at Prime Bistro. In addition to the siyum, there will also be a memorial tribute for the shloshim of the three boys murdered in Israel, Gilad Sha’ar, Eyal Yifrach, and Naftali Frenkel, as well as words of chizuk and support for the chayalim who are dedicated to protecting Israel and our Jewish family living there.

For dedication or donation opportunities, call 516-374-2665, visit www.lylibrary.org, or e-mail lisa@lylibrary.org. For volunteering or to learn about upcoming events, call 516-374-2665 or e-mail info@lylibrary.org. v


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