Bais Yaakov of Queens eighth graders tested their hypotheses on the best materials for insulation.

Bais Yaakov of Queens Eighth Grade STEM

The BYQ 8th grade STEM class wrapped up their unit on chemistry and materials engineering by investigating heat energy and how it is transferred. After exploring the differences between conduction, convection, and radiation, they learned how heat can be conserved through insulation.

Bais Yaakov of Queens eighth graders tested their hypotheses on the best materials for insulation.

Students brainstormed and decided which familiar materials they believed would be the best insulators. They then took their hypotheses to the lab where they tested their theories. Using different materials to insulate cups of hot water and taking water temperatures at three minute intervals, they were able to monitor heat loss. They tabulated their data, graphed their results, and interpreted their findings. Students were surprised by which materials came out on top. It was interesting to see how the engineering design process plays such an important role even when designing something as simple as a thermos!

YCQ Parent Teacher Organization Winter Carnival

By: Ben Kochman, grade 6

Parents and students enjoyed the winter carnival at YCQ

On motzaei Shabbos, the YCQ Parent Teacher Organization hosted a winter carnival. There were various activities like relay races, giant Jenga, obstacle courses, and remote control truck race courses. The students were also treated to bounce houses, adding to the excitement. There was ice cream, pizza, and drinks available. There were raffles throughout the carnival where kids used the tickets that they earned by playing games to win prizes.

When parents watched their children playing, they seemed to be enjoying themselves as well. Both the children and parents left with a smile on their faces. Daniella Rafael, a parent, said, “It was so nice to see my children so excited to go to YCQ on the weekend. I loved seeing them run off and play with friends and feel like they are in their second home. It makes me feel good to know my kids want to be here and truly enjoy the atmosphere. The carnival was fun for all — the kids got to run, play, jump, and eat — all while smiling and laughing. As an adult I got to shmooze and catch up with other parents. Can’t wait for next year.” All junior high school students and parents who volunteered had fun seeing children with smiles on their faces and all the help they gave was appreciated. “The carnival was great, it was a great success,” said Siggy Orenbuch, a student volunteer.

The winter carnival had a great turnout of over 200 people; it was a wonderful opportunity for YCQ families to get together on an early motzaei Shabbos for an evening of family fun. “The more parents who get involved with the PTO and share ideas and their time and energy will allow us to continue adding new and fun programming not just for the children, but for our families too,” said Aliza Peled, PTO vice president.


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