By Rochelle Miller

Though much of Long Island may appear to be a suburban environment, there are millions of non-human creatures lurking about. For the most part, these creatures carry on with their lives in hidden areas. Every so often, however, the warmth and bounty of human dwellings prove too much for them to resist.

If you suspect pests have infiltrated your property, trust the experts at Arrow Exterminating Company to provide the prompt, potent, and effective pest-management services that has made them an industry gold standard.

For 70 years, Arrow Exterminating has been serving New York City, the five boroughs, and Long Island with distinction. Founded in 1947 by Bernard and Irene Stegman, Arrow Exterminating is now under the management of their daughters Jackie Grabin and Debby Tappan and has evolved into one of the largest pest control companies in the New York metropolitan area. With over seven decades of success, it’s little wonder that Arrow Exterminating is the pest control service of choice of celebrities throughout Long Island and the metropolitan area.

Named Best Pest Control Company by New York Magazine, Arrow Exterminating is a time-honored family tradition that truly cares about each and every one of its clients. Always on target, they have an impeccable success rate for ridding their clients’ property of even the most persistent of pests — large or small — with their powerful yet careful approach. Prior to beginning a job, they make an inventory of every residence. They deploy nature-based methods when appropriate, and even when not, they use pesticides judiciously to maintain the safety of every customer.

Once pests are eliminated from a property, it is essential to do everything possible to ensure they do not return. Arrow Exterminating does not merely remove pests; they will patch holes, repair insulation, and take additional measures to make sure the client’s property is permanently free of pests. Even if you have never experienced problems with pests, Arrow Exterminating will be happy to inspect your property and install special exclusion measures. Additionally, they will provide long-term treatment plans for homes and businesses in Long Island, New York City, and the five boroughs.

More than just an annoyance, pests, rodents, or insects can significantly impact your bottom line if you own a business. That is precisely why time is of the essence. Should you have the slightest suspicion that termites, rodents, raccoons, or any other kind of pest may have invaded your property, call the pest control professionals at Arrow Exterminating company.

“Every member of our staff receives extensive training and many have been with us for several decades,” says Jackie Grabin. “We know that the quality of our staff determines the quality of our company and we are very proud of the staff we have.”

Raising the bar in pest control, Arrow Exterminating relies on real science to get the job done. The full-time, board-certified entomologist on staff teaches workers how bugs behave so they can devise tactics that are most effective.

“We inspect every property carefully before deciding on treatment,” says Jackie. “We won’t just come in and spray chemicals indiscriminately. It’s not enough to eliminate pests from your home. You have to do it in an environmentally responsible manner. We’re proud to offer the Arrow Ever-Green Pest Management Services. If we must use chemicals for a particular job, we are sure to use those that the Environmental Protection Agency deems ‘low-impact.’”

Arrow Exterminating is a family-owned company that reflects the core values of its beloved founders, a legacy that is maintained by their lovely daughters. Since its inception, the company has been willing to take on challenges that others will not and to do whatever they deem necessary to help their clients.

“We are always accessible,” Jackie explained. “When my father founded the company, he gave clients his home phone number. We try to be just as accessible today and always give free phone consultations.” The warmth that Jackie and Debbie show reveal that the business is a labor of love. They are appreciative of clients and employees alike, and have created a family-like environment, hosting weekly barbecues as well as other special events for employees.

Offering the highest level of pest control services, Jackie, Debby, and their team of specialists are an absolute pleasure to deal with. The following testimonials are but a sampling of the many expressions of appreciation the company receives daily.

“Just a word of thanks and an expression of appreciation for something one doesn’t often see in business — promises fulfilled,” writes JWG of Long Beach. “After many months of your diligent and persistent fight against the significant ant problem we had, I do believe the problem has been solved, but only because your staff never gave up and throughout the entire process (not quite an ordeal), everyone on your end with whom I spoke or with whom I had any interaction was not only polite and courteous, but was able to maintain a sense of humor about a very trying situation. A sense of humor about an unpleasant (though obviously not dire) predicament always helps, and I think it is that business persona that has helped Arrow become the success it is. You’ve helped us in the past when we lived in Lawrence and I’m glad we again went to you for our Long Beach home.”

“Your technician has been servicing us for a few years now. He is very thorough and knowledgeable in answering all my questions,” says Maurice B. of Hewlett. “He is always pleasant and very accommodating. He should be recognized for his outstanding service on behalf of Arrow Exterminating.”

“Service like this will always keep us coming back!”

Arrow Exterminating Company, Inc. offers prompt service by New York State-certified technicians, servicing Nassau and Suffolk counties and the five boroughs. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! For a free telephone consultation with the Arrow Exterminating staff entomologist, call 877-ARROW90 (877-277-6990). For more information, please refer to the Arrow Exterminating Company, Inc. ad in this week’s issue of the 5TJT or visit 

Rochelle Maruch Miller is a contributing editor for the Five Towns Jewish Times. She is a journalist, creative media consultant, lecturer, and educator, and writes for magazines, newspapers, websites, and private clients. She welcomes your comments at


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