Aryeh United is a new teen 10-day Southern U.S. chesed trip which is being run after camp. This is an amazing trip that unites high-functioning individuals with special-needs (the campers) with mainstreamed teens looking to end their summer with an incredible chesed experience (the mentors). The goal is to give these special-needs kids the experience of their lives and, more importantly, try to create friendships that will last for years to come. This trip is meant for individuals with special emotional, mental, or social needs. Unfortunately, individuals with physical handicaps will be unable to attend, as the trip involves lots of physical activity in the Smoky Mountains, Atlanta, and Orlando.

This trip will be run by Yoni Glatt. Many of you might know Yoni from his decade of experience running teen tours, but Yoni also spent three years working with handicapped children as a respite coordinator for Bet Ezra, and currently tutors special-needs boys for their bar mitzvahs. Also joining this trip is Rabbi Lt. Moshe Grussgott. Rabbi Grussgott is a chaplain in the U.S. army, the head rabbi at Congregation Ramath Orah on the Upper West Side, and has five years of teen tour experience working on Achva and Kanfei.

The dates for this trip are August 18—27. Mentors can be post-grades 9, 10, and 11, and campers are ages 14—21. The cost of this program is $1,895. However, the parents of special-needs campers can pay whatever amount they can afford! If $50 is all you can swing right now, then that’s what you pay! This is a not-for-profit trip in every sense of the word, yet they are offering an early-bird special of $75 off the cost of the trip if you apply before January 31. If you already have a child on an Aryeh Adventure trip, you will get a discount of $125.

If you have a mainstreamed child who would like to be a mentor (no more than 22 will be accepted), a special-needs child who you feel would be an ideal camper (no more than 16 will be accepted), or for more information, visit or call Yoni at 718-790-0528. v


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