Dear Basya,

I overdid it this Sukkos and really let loose with my eating, and now I regret it. Is there a liquid diet or cleanse that you recommend just for a few days to reset my body? Once I lose the few pounds I will definitely go back to your healthy balanced plan.

Please advise,
Overdid It and Regretful

Dear Overdid It and Regretful,

You are asking a great question. It seems like a quick fix to detox for a few days and get rid of all the extra calories that we consumed so quickly, after which we can return to moderate eating and steady weight loss.

While in theory this makes sense, in reality this never works. I have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of clients, and I have found that the fastest and most consistent fix for losing the extra weight from a bad day or weekend is just to get right back on the plan. You can skip snacks in favor of lighter fare such as fruit but do not cleanse and do not drastically cut calories, even for a day or two. It simply doesn’t work. You will lose a bit of water weight but will be too hungry to keep to a moderate plan once you are done cleansing. Additionally, you will slow your metabolism so that everything you eat post-cleanse simply sticks to your waistline.

Your best bet is to continue eating according to your plan, leaving off any unnecessary extras such as treats or extra fruits. After a few days, the extra calories will be gone, and you will be back on your weight-loss journey. Do not try to speed up the process.

Best of Luck!

Basya Kovacs is a nutrition counselor at Nutrition by Tanya, and is a co-manager of the Five Towns location. Nutrition by Tanya offers personalized and practical weight management and nutrition counseling for men, women, and children. Nutrition by Tanya has locations in Boro Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg, Monsey, Lakewood, the Five Towns, Monroe, the Upper West Side, and Israel (coming soon). The office can be reached at 844-TANYA DIET.


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