Dear DD,

Recently my husband celebrated our “big” anniversary by gifting me with a spectacular pair of round diamond stud earrings, 3 ct total weight. I love them!

But I have a huge problem. When I wear them, my earlobes fall back, and the diamonds basically wind up facing the ground. No one can see my gorgeous diamonds.

Yet I see many women with even larger studs that lie perfectly on their ears. Is there something wrong with my ears?

Please help!

Ear Droops

Dear Droops,

I’m no doctor, but I can assure you that most probably there is nothing wrong with your ears. Most women’s earlobes don’t have the muscles to carry larger studs or heavier hanging earrings, so the weight draws the lobe back, thus the earring down.

Yes, there is a solution! Relax, I’m not going to suggest a strenuous exercise program to strengthen those muscles. There is a simple, inexpensive product out there that solves the problem.

It’s a small clear plastic DISC Support (9.62 mm) with a hole in it. You place the post through the front of the ear, then slide the disc on the post behind the ear, push it up against the back of the lobe, then secure the disc and the earring by pushing in the earring back, as you would do normally. This props up the lobe, displaying your gorgeous diamonds, as they should be!

They are super comfortable and allergen-free. They should be available at most jewelry or some hardware stores or online. Make sure to buy extra. You will surely keep losing them! Keep them on all your earring posts.

Now, you’ll be able to wear them well.

Happy Anniversary!

Diamond Dave

“Diamond Dave” is an expert in the diamond and jewelry retail industry. Send questions and comments for him to

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