Dear DD,

I was always nervous about losing my earrings. When I got my diamond studs, I made sure to get them with a more secure screw-back, rather than with the more popular push-on back.

Well, thankfully, I did not lose my diamond, but I did lose my screw-back. I’ve tried backs from my other earrings but none of them fit! What should I do?

Screwless in Cedarhurst

Dear Screwless,

Unfortunately, there are countless manufacturers that produce earrings. There are many different thicknesses of the posts, and if even if it’s off just a fraction of a millimeter, it won’t accommodate an unmatched back. If you find a back that is the same diameter, the hunt isn’t over. Since each manufacturer’s threads are grooved differently, it may not screw on!

You can try your luck at your local jeweler and hope he happens to have a “Cinderella” fit.

The best solution is to order a new post that will come with its own back, and order a few extra ones, to avoid this issue in the future. For those of you getting new earrings, and are going to have them as screw-backs, keep this in mind and get a few extra backs.

Diamond Dave

“Diamond Dave” is an expert in the diamond and jewelry retail industry. Send questions and comments for him to


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