Dear DD,

When we got engaged and married, my husband bought me a beautiful engagement ring and matching wedding band in 18k yellow gold. Over the last number of years, everything seems to be shown only in white gold.

We can’t really afford to buy new mountings. Besides, I still like the style and sentimental feeling my rings represent. But they look dated and stale and do not match my current pieces. What do you suggest?

Not So Mellow Yellow

Dear Mellow,

The industry has been saying for the last couple of years that “yellow” is coming back, but it still hasn’t arrived!

The solution is simple. You can bring the rings into your trusted local jeweler and ask him to have them “dipped” in white. It’s not actually dipped, but a professional polisher can refinish the rings by adjusting the alloys and make them look as if they were originally created in white gold. The cost is nominal and can be done in a matter of a day.

The downside is that with time and wear, body oils will erode the finish and the original yellow color will start showing. At that time, you can redip, or by then yellow gold may indeed have come back!

Diamond Dave

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