QUEENS, NEW YORK — Assemblyman David Weprin issued the following statement in support of ‘World Hijab Day’, observed on February 1, 2016.

‘With hate crimes against Muslim-Americans tripling in 2016, it is important we take this moment to stand together with our fellow Americans on World Hijab Day. Rooted in the American principles of religious freedom and liberty, the World Hijab Day movement seeks to end the discrimination and judgment that comes with wearing a hijab.

‘As the prime Assembly sponsor of the ‘Religious Garb’ bill in New York State, A2049, I stand with all Americans of faith regardless of their choice to wear a hijab, kippah, turban, or cross. All Americans of all faiths should be allowed to freely exercise and display their religious choice without the fear of violence and bigotry.

Today’s statement follows several actions Assemblyman David Weprin has taken to protect religious attire in New York. In 2005, then New York City Councilman Weprin stood with the Sikh Coalition and introduced a bill barring city agencies from discriminating on the basis of religious headdress. Similarly, in 2014, Assemblyman Weprin was the prime sponsor of the ‘Religious Garb’ bill in Albany. Passing with a 131-6 vote, the bill protects equal employment opportunities for all New Yorkers, regardless of religious attire and facial grooming.

About Assemblyman David I Weprin:

Elected in 2010, David I. Weprin represents the 24th Assembly District of New York State in Queens. Comprised of the partial or entire communities of Briarwood, Bellrose Manor, Fresh Meadows, Glen Oaks, Hillcrest, Holliswood, Jamaica Estates, Jamaica Hills, Oakland Gardens, Queens Village, Richmond Hill, and Utopia; the 24th Assembly district boasts one of the most diverse constituencies in New York State.

About World Hijab Day:

Founded by New York native Nazma Kahn in 2013, World Hijab Day is a means to foster religious tolerance and understanding by inviting women to experience the hijab for one day.


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