Nassau County ambulance


By Legislator Howard Kopel

I am pleased to share that my “Assessment Bill of Rights” legislation has passed its first hurdle in the legislative review process. Last week, the legislature’s committees unanimously approved the first two local laws aimed at providing protections for taxpayers in the assessment process.

  • Local Law 226-19. Mandate that the Assessment Review Commission send offer notices by mail to homeowners who grieved their taxes, stating whether they have won a reduction and how much;
  • Local Law 221-19. Requires the Department of Assessment to disclose the formula/algorithm used to calculate your property’s assessed value.

The laws will be voted on for final approval by the full legislature on August 5. I will continue to update you on the progress of all parts of this legislation.

Other Legislative Actions. The legislature recently voted to install automatic chest compression machines in Nassau County ambulances. These life-saving devices that will deliver CPR at the exact rate, depth, and accuracy needed to be effective, will assist our highly trained EMTs responding to cardiac emergencies, keeping a patient’s heart pumping until they’re able to get to a hospital while allowing the first responder to perform other necessary medical tasks. I look forward to seeing their immediate installation! CPR requires maintaining 2-inch depth compressions at a rate of 100 beats per minute. This exactness is very difficult to do manually, especially when fatigue can occur in as little as 1–2 minutes.

On July 24, I held a town hall meeting at the Oceanside Library in Oceanside. Residents asked many questions on topics ranging from the county’s reassessment to the STAR program and local infrastructure improvements. If you were unable to attend, or have any additional questions, feel free to call my office at 516-571-6207 or email for assistance.


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