Last week, Ohel Children’s Home & Family Services participated in the Association of Jewish Camp Operator’s annual Camp Expo. There were roughly 100 camp vendors advertising and promoting their camp-related activities and services, and over 1,000 visitors, comprising camp directors, head counselors, and senior staff.

Ohel retained its own booth, and promoted two important summer camp initiatives. The first was Team Ohel’s Ohel-thon chesed programs, a grassroots fundraising program at local day camps that promotes children raising funds for camp scholarships for foster children, children with disabilities, and children in domestic-violence shelters. Laurie Szenicer explains that the Ohel-thons are fun and at the same time teach children about chesed. There are prizes and exciting programs that can be arranged in any camp in the tri-state area, and Laurie will visit and enthusiastically promote the program with staff and campers. Give her a call at 718-972-9338 for a fun program to be arranged at your camp this summer!

The second program was Ohel’s camp safety education and training program for staff and counselors. Ohel’s certified social workers train camp’s staff in camper safety and in abuse and bullying prevention. There is no charge for these pre-camp training sessions.

Hundreds of individuals, from Jewish camps of all backgrounds, visited Ohel’s booth and expressed great interest in both programs and were especially thankful that Ohel could provide such an invaluable safety program at no cost and in a culturally sensitive manner.

For more information about either of these programs, or any other Ohel services which you can benefit from, please contact Ohel at 800-603-Ohel,, or visit v


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