Lubin - water's edgeHere I am, standing on the sand at Atlantic Beach, enjoying the view. As I look out on the horizon, there is a sense of calm. Just one week ago, this oceanfront was hustling and bustling with people–both young and old. And today it’s just me, my eldest daughter, and a lone man fishing from the rocks along the water’s edge. My daughter came to collect some sand for a school project, and I came to take in the view.
The summer, as usual, went by in the blink of an eye! As I stand and look towards the Sunny Atlantic Beach Club, I am regretting that I didn’t spend as much time here this summer as I should have. Always in a hurry, always thinking of what needed to be done elsewhere. Why don’t we ever take the time to enjoy more of these special moments?
As many of my readers know, I am a Weight Watchers member. Besides “watching” our weight, we discuss many issues that can affect our weight in positive or adverse ways. We delve into psychology and often have to take a hard look at why we do or don’t do things. One of the things we have discussed is not taking time to “smell the roses”–both figuratively and literally. We need to be more mindful of the beautiful world around us. We need to appreciate everything we have and not be in such a hurry. As it relates to watching our weight, the foods we eat should be savored, not rushed.
Recently, my Weight Watchers leader recommended that we take a few minutes out of every day to just relax. To close our eyes and think of something peaceful and serene and to try to block out everything else in our busy lives. In this way, we can be less anxious and gain some sense of control over our lives.
I am thinking of just that suggestion as I look out at this calm ocean. I am trying to enjoy the moment without thinking about the myriad things I have on my “to do list” today. As Rosh Hashanah is upon us, we all think of New Year’s resolutions. This will be one of my resolutions: to take a few short moments every day and envision myself standing at this water’s edge and looking out at the peaceful calm that is before me now.
My daughter is calling my phone from the beginning of the beach. (If I don’t answer, can I stay looking at this beautiful scenery?) She only went far enough to collect some sand, while I have ventured to the ocean. Where were the strong waves that were here just last Monday? They were so strong that the lifeguards weren’t allowing people to go far into the water.
Finally, just last Monday, both Yussie and Lea decided to become ocean-adventurous, and I had to have my eyes wide open to make sure they didn’t wander too far into the strong currents. My last day to “ride the waves” with lifeguard supervision wasn’t destined to happen. There were dangerous waters that day, while today the water is extremely calm and peaceful. It looks more like the bay than the Atlantic Ocean!
The phone is ringing again.
“Time to go, Mom! I don’t want to be late for my meeting!” my daughter announced to me as I reluctantly answered my cell. She is right. Life is waiting for me to leave the beach. It’s Monday morning. The first full work week that I have had in quite some time, since the kids are finally back at school and there is indeed much work to be done.
But I have savored my few moments this morning at the water’s edge–and I resolve to come back again very soon! v
Phyllis Joy Lubin is an attorney with Maidenbaum & Sternberg, LLP, who resides in Cedarhurst with her husband, Leonard. They have six children–Naftali, Shoshana, Rivka, Rochel, Yosef, and Lea–and a daughter-in-law, Nina. The author welcomes your questions and comments at


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