Two ATMs in Manhattan banks were filled with counterfeit bills and some of them reportedly were dispensed to customers.

The bills were discovered at two Chase bank branches.  One was on West 57th St. and the other was on 9th Ave.

The banks were short a total of some $110,000, according to The New York Times.

Authorities think that the fake bills were put in the ATMs to replace cash that was stolen.

The fake bills were blank on one side. Authorities believe they were meant to trick the ATM into believing it was full of real cash.

A bank official said that the machines were able to distinguish most of the fake bills from real ones.

Police were looking into whether a employee at the company that services the ATMs is involved. He is believed to currently be in the Dominican Republic.

Chase issued a statement to the Times saying:  “We are working to get all the facts and don’t want to come to any conclusions too early. Obviously, all of our customers who withdrew money will be made whole.”

Source: Fox 5 NY

New York News | NYC Breaking News


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