Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Freedom of religion, freedom of speech and no more slush funds.

By Daniel Greenfield, FPM

In his letter of advice to President Trump, Obama urged him to protect “institutions and traditions like rule of law” and to “leave those instruments of our democracy at least as strong as we found them.”

It was a final cynical note from a masterful hypocrite lecturing his successor on the importance of putting the rule of law ahead of politics after eight years of putting politics ahead of the rule of law.

Obama always had some great political crusade, from identity politics to international intervention, which trumped the rule of law. If Congress wouldn’t pass amnesty for illegal aliens, he would. If it wouldn’t cover ObamaCare subsidies, he would divert the money anyway. If it wouldn’t agree to bomb Libya, he would do it on his own while lying to Congress and to the American people.

Guns were smuggled to drug cartels to undermine the Second Amendment. A man was arrested for a YouTube video mocking Islam. Another was killed for protesting Federal land use policies. Race riots were organized by the Justice Department. Police officers were lynched while hundreds of drug dealers were freed. Islamic terrorists were released while our soldiers were locked up in America and Iran.

His union allies wanted their own people on the National Labor Relations Board. And he used illegal fake recess appointments to make it happen. The Supreme Court found his actions unconstitutional, but by then the unions had their people in place for two years. Just like they got an illegal auto bailout.

If his leftist allies wanted money, he would blackmail big companies into making big payouts to them. Due process vanished from college campuses. Members of Congress and Trump officials were spied on to protect the Iran nuke deal and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The rule of law didn’t exist under Obama.

But now it’s coming back.

Attorney General Sessions began his remarks before the House Judiciary Committee by declaring that the rule of law “forms the foundation for our liberty, our safety, and our prosperity. In this rule of law, we are blessed beyond all nations.”

And he summarized what he had been doing in less than a year to restore the rule of law to America.

The leading source of gun violence in America is actually gang violence. But Obama had freed drug dealers and gone easy on gang violence. And then treated the resulting gun violence as a pretext for gun control. This was most notable in the Fast and Furious scandal. But it was also general policy that empowered criminals to kill while using their crimes as a pretext to disarm their potential victims.

Instead of targeting gun owners, Attorney General Sessions is going after gangs. While Obama clamored for new gun laws, his DOJ failed to enforce existing gun laws and prosecutions dropped sharply. The DOJ is reacting to the rise in violent crime under Obama by going after the criminals and enforcing the law.

The rule of law is back.

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