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By 5TJT Staff

Valley Stream lawyer Avi Cohen has earned an impressive reputation among his clients as a professional, hardworking, and empathetic attorney specializing in matrimonial law, commercial litigation, and personal injury cases. Though he stays ahead of the curve through diligent research, even he could not predict the wave of cases against luxury auto manufacturer BMW.

It all began with Godwin Boateng who brought an unlikely issue to Avi’s attention: his thumb had been cut off by BMW’s faulty SCAD (Soft Closing Automatic Doors) technology. BMW car doors shut when they are ajar, but have no sensor and will crush human fingers if they are in the way.

“Customers spend lots of money to drive what BMW calls the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine.’ It should be called the ‘Ultimate Danger Machine,’ ” Cohen told the New York Post.

Alexis Fields, a resident of Smithtown, Long Island, had somewhat better luck in saving her thumb, though the digit is ruined and unusable. She also turned to Cohen to fight her case.

Cohen reports, “Ever since the Boateng case, dozens of people from all over the country have called my office reporting similar injuries, because they know that my firm is leading the charge in these types of cases. One gentleman in particular, from Arizona, who told me that he lost his thumb in 2013 in BMW’s soft-close automatic door, was afraid to sue because he thought no one would believe him. For BMW to claim ignorance is a lie and a great disservice to their loyal customers.”

Though consumers seek out BMW for its reputation for luxury, Cohen emphasizes, “BMW created a medieval-style torture device with these doors — I call it the ‘finger crusher.’ It’s claimed several victims already. How many more must be injured before BMW takes ownership of its failure and incompetence?”

There is a lack of information about the subject, in addition to the propensity for damage. Cohen clarifies, “When they publish that the only danger of the soft-close automatic door is the ‘danger of pinching,’ that is problematic! This was much worse than a pinch! Alexis Fields has small children and now has a crushed thumb and suffers from permanent loss of sensation and use in that thumb. It’s shameful that BMW offers no accountability whatsoever … In my other case, the company has put up roadblocks on all fronts, refusing to turn over documents and e-mails about the SCAD technology. What are they hiding? What did they know, but not tell anyone? When will these vehicles be recalled?”

Cohen regretfully reports, “I’m astounded a company will let its products crush — or even cut off — fingers, but stonewalls basic document requests. It’s gotten to the point where there’s a hearing June 5 for a judge to decide whether to compel BMW to produce documents about these death doors … I fully anticipate that BMW will deny knowledge concerning the dangers of this horrible feature when we have information that it knew about the dangers for at least five or so years, based on my research alone. Their owner’s manual failed to warn Mrs. Fields in every way possible.”

Cohen urges anyone who has encountered a similar problem with BMW’s doors to call his office at 516-341-7770 for a consultation.

A. Cohen Law Firm, P.C. is located at 11 Sunrise Plaza, Suite #304, Valley Stream. Visit acohenlawfirm.com for more information. 


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