Scenes from Avnet Color War 2018

It’s hard to believe that Avnet’s summer of 2018 has come to an end after a full year of planning and two months of jam-packed fun. Since everything we do is all about providing our campers with the best experience, we asked them to tell us about the highlights of the season. Here are their favorite things about Avnet — in their own words:

Scenes from Avnet Color War 2018
  • Naomi M.: “Color War breakout was cool because they used red and blue ices from Rita’s, and we got blue and red capes for our teams.”
  • Jacob L.: “I learned how to swim in the deep water in the pool.”
  • Esti G.: “As a chesed, we hosted kids from JCC’s Camp Friendship, played sports with them, had races and it was a lot of fun. It was so nice to make them smile.”
  • Rachel S.: “Our trip to Hershey Park was great because we got to go on really nice buses, stay out late, go on cool rides, and it was only for the older division of girls.”
  • Sarah Z.: “The late night that we had was fun because we had relay races and went to Warren Levi for martial arts class.”
  • Rael E.: “I liked the different sports. We got to play hockey, softball, and basketball! I got much better at them.”
  • Elizabeth S.: “I made a lot of new friends that don’t go to my school. I’m going to miss them.”
  • Sara D.: “I loved the trips to places like BounceU and the show at Broadhollow.”
  • David S.: “I loved the French toast, mac-and-cheese, and the pizza.”
  • Libby S.: “My counselors were so nice and they made every day fun in our bunk. I’m going to miss them.”
  • Avi R.: “Color War breakout was cool because we all got together in the fields and got ices. A sticker on the bottom said, ‘Color War Breakout.’”
  • Josh O.: “I liked our late night because we swam and had a really fun bucket brigade and relay races.”
  • Rachel Z.: “The Mesorah Experience was amazing because I got to try sleepaway camp for the first time with my friends and my Avnet counselors.”
  • Molly W.: “I loved going to Escape the Room because my friends and I had to work together to get out.”
  • Eliana S.: “Aladdin on Broadway was awesome. It was so cool how they used all the effects to make it seem so real.”
  • Mikayla C.: “I love the lunch here. The mac-and-cheese and Hawaiian chicken are so delicious!”
  • Daniel S.: “I know we’re talking to campers, but I had to get one in. This was an incredible summer. Our campers built friendships and showed real enthusiasm for our activities. The feelings of happiness, fun, and excitement really reverberated through our campus. I want to thank everyone for making Avnet such a happy place. I can’t wait for next summer!”


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