Having fun with Avnet

It was time for trips as the campers at HALB’s Avnet Country Day School settled into their second week. The oldest boys in the G’vaot division (grades 6–8) hit the open seas for a day of fishing. They learned to fish and reeled in a few impressive catches. The Ma’ayanot boys (grades 1–3) went to Active Kidz, and the Harim (grades 4–5) had a great time at Boomers amusement park.

Having fun with Avnet

Over in the girls’ divisions, the young ladies leaped with joy. The Ma’ayanot girls went to Bounce! and the Agamim and Naharot (grades 4–8) ventured to Launch where they tested their jumping skills and soared through the air on a variety of trampolines.

“We schedule exciting trips as part of the Avnet experience, since off-site adventures really round out the fun,” said Daniel Stroock, director. “Our campers look forward to their trips and we love sharing their excitement!”


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