“Safety First” was the theme of orientation at HALB’s Avnet Country Day School. Over 300 staff members met for educational workshops to ensure that the children in their care not only have a fun and memorable experience, but a safe and secure one as well. Guided by Director Daniel Stroock, the group received instruction from experts on campus security, water safety, and the proper method to encourage camper participation in sports and all activities.

Of special note was a seminar given to the preschool division on easing separation anxiety. A representative from the Amudim organization also led a critical discussion on professionalism and safety for camp counselors.

“At Avnet, we are committed to providing our campers with exciting activities within a safe, secure, and sensitive environment,” said Daniel Stroock. “We’ve assembled a responsible team that understands that our number one priority is the happiness and wellbeing of our campers. We’re looking forward to a wonderful summer.”


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