x4Pinny Kwestel is an eleventh-grade DRS High School student from Lawrence. When he was in seventh grade, his aunt showed him a recipe for babkas. After Pinny tweaked it to his liking, his secret babka recipe was a huge hit with his family. On advice from a neighbor, Pinny launched the “BabkaBoy” brand and began selling his babkas. Eventually, Pinny was selling between 20 and 30 babkas each Shabbos for neighbors, families, and friends. For one Rosh Hashanah, the batch grew to 50. This past Chanukah, Pinny baked 1,000 mini-babka muffins for his friends in DRS.

BabkaBoy babkas have become extremely popular around the Five Towns and are sold in various sizes and flavors, including chocolate and cinnamon. This February, Pinny plans to participate in the Annual ING Miami Marathon, running with Team Yachad. In order to raise money for the team, all proceeds for Pinny’s babkas are going towards helping Yachad. If you are interested in contributing to Pinny’s cause–and want a delicious Shabbos treat–you can contact Pinny at BabkaBoy13@gmail.com. v


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