Israel must never be betrayed


Unfortunately, recent actions of the Obama administration represent a sharp reversal of the historical precedent of unshakable support to the Jewish state.

Since its rebirth on May 15, 1948, Israel has stood as an immensely strong democratic ally, and unqualifiedly a best friend to the United States of America.

Unfortunately, recent actions of the Obama administration represent a sharp reversal of the historical precedent of unshakable support to the Jewish state, and have left Israel vulnerable and more isolated in the region than ever before in its history.

Look no further than the recently negotiated “diplomatic resolution” with Iran to see where the Obama administration’s priorities lie. The proposed framework does little if anything to stop Iran from continuing to enrich uranium, does little if anything to comprehensively halt construction of the Iran heavy water plutonium reactor, does little if anything to permanently change Iran’s belligerent posturing, and does not require the dismantling of Iran’s centrifuges.

In short, this agreement does next to nothing to benefit Israel or the United States. In the words of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, “This is a very, very bad deal.”

And for Iran, it is the deal of the century. Quite a gift for the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

What has been missing from the discussion is why the US is even negotiating with Iran in the first place. There should be no negotiation as long as Iran asserts they have the right to enrich uranium.

The fact is, despite the less than consummate enforcement of sanctions by the Obama administration, the sanctions being enforced against the Iranian regime were working.

So why would the US give any sanctions relief to a regime that is arguably the greatest sponsor of terrorism the world has ever known? Why, when the Iranian regime was being brought to its knees, would the US offer a reprieve unless the Iranians agree to completely curtail their nuclear program? And what does our negotiation acquiescence do for the interests of the US and Israel other than weaken us both, while at the same time strengthening and legitimizing the Iranian regime and its nuclear ambitions?

The Obama administration’s foreign policy positions have left Israel and the state of the Middle East more dangerous and more nihilistic than ever before. There is no better example than the Obama administration’s Egyptian policy strategy of encouraging the rise and influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, a violent terrorist organization.

When the Muslim Brotherhood was removed from power by the Egyptian people, the Obama administration responded by cutting off funding to the Egyptian military. The very same military that was aggressively fighting terrorists in the Sinai, shutting off the infiltration of arms into Gaza, and working to restore order after the oppressive rule of the Muslim Brotherhood.

And does anyone think that US policy toward Syria has benefited either the US or Israel? Bashar Assad continues to rule with impunity in Syria while radical Islamists gain weapons, power and influence …read more
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