L—R: David Mandel, CEO of OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services; Rev. Catherine Patterson; Janelle Pfister of OPWDD Faith-Based Initiative; Rachel Lewitter, Director of Bais Ezra; Mel Zachter, Co-President of OHEL; and Asher Fogel, COO of Bais Ezra.

Teshuvah, u’tefillah, u’tzedakah maavirin es roah hagezeirah. It is customary during the holy days of Aseres Yemei Teshuvah to increase the amount of charity we give to insure a good decree for the coming year.

Badek’d is clearly a solid choice of tzedakos to support.

Every morning in Eilu Devarim we list certain chasadim. Hachnasas kallah is mentioned right before levoyas ha’mes. One possible reason given for the order of this word placement is that contributing towards hachnasas kallah in a way saves one from possible death.

What better time could there be therefore to contribute towards Badek’d?

There is a wonderful story about Rav Asher Freund, zt’l. Rav Asher began one of the first chesed organizations in Eretz Yisrael many years ago called Yad Ezra. Once a chassan approached Rav Asher seeking funds to pay for his wedding and basic needs. Rav Asher inquired of the chassan if he had given his kallah jewelry. The chassan replied, “I do not have money to pay for the wedding or my basic needs; how can I consider purchasing jewelry?!” Rav Asher replied “Your kallah’s kavod is also a basic need.” Rav Asher then proceeded to personally collect money and bought jewelry for the chassan to gift his kallah.

Badek’d attempts to emulate Rav Asher’s chesed. There are many wonderful and worthwhile hachnasas kallah organizations and gemachs that help to pay for weddings and basic needs of a new couple, however none that help to “badek” the kallah with jewelry. For too many this custom is just not feasible. Badek’d fills that void.

Badek’d allows chassanim who lack the finances to purchase jewelry for their kallahs the opportunity to do so in a respectable and dignified manner. They have provided jewelry to countless chassanim. Badek’d supports chassanim from every type of background, no matter if they live locally or across the globe.

Each chassan must come with a referral from a rav or community leader to verify his financial need. Every “sale” is completed with the highest level of confidentiality, respect, and sensitivity.

All the jewelry is brand new. They provide real gold and diamonds that are beautiful and befitting a kallah. The jewelry is displayed for the chassan to choose as if he were in an upscale jewelry boutique. His final choices are placed in lovely boxes that one might find in any store and do not indicate that they are from Badek’d. In addition to an engagement bracelet, the chassan can choose a necklace, earrings, or pearls for the yichud room. Chassanim and their parents marvel at the selection. Their tears of gratitude, appreciation, and sheer relief speak volumes. There is no official charge to the chassanim, but a suggested amount of $36 is asked to go towards the purchase of new jewelry.

Badek’d has grown tremendously in the last couple of years. They have seen so many times just how essential this chesed is. As Rav Asher said many years ago, it’s about maintaining the kavod. Kavod of the chassan and his parents who otherwise could not afford jewelry, and kavod of the kallah whose turn it is to feel special. It’s about maintaining the simcha that the chassan and kallah deserve to feel at this time of their lives.

At this point Badek’d’s jewelry supply is extremely low and they have no choice but to make this strong appeal in order to purchase new jewelry and continue providing for chassanim and kallahs through Badek’d. There are jewelry stores who believe in their cause and sell at cost price. However it has become financially draining and impossible to continue Badek’d without donations.

They do not advertise or fundraise publicly out of sensitivity and respect to the families that benefit from Badek’d. Every single penny goes towards the purchase of new jewelry. There are no salaries, rent, or overhead costs.

Every amount is appreciated and helpful, however the average cost of a piece of jewelry is $700. This doesn’t include the almost daily increase in gold prices. Please consider sponsoring as many chassanim as you can.

Checks can be made out to Badek’d and mailed to 354 Eastwood Road, Woodmere, NY 11598. For more information, e-mail 2Badekd@gmail.com or call Zahava Farbman at 516-993-0430 or Aviva Mendlowitz at 917-579-2729

Tizku l’mitzvos and may we all merit much simcha, and the ultimate simcha, this year.


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