This past Sunday morning, Bais Tefila of Inwood (BTI), together with their rov, Rabbi Pinchus Weinberger, hosted the Tefillin Awareness Project, also known as Hanacha K’halacha. Their goal is to ensure that everyone putting on Tefillin, an almost daily mitzva d’oraisah, is doing it properly, or k’hilchoso. Most people are unaware of the many intricate halochos that pertain to this special mitzvah. Rabbi Avrohom B. Schachter has been leading this initiative since its inception, some 14 years ago. He brought three expert Sofrim to teach the proper way the shel rosh should fit, where both kesharim (knots) should be located and much much more. They even had a painting station for those that needed their retzous (straps) blackened. It was a very educational program and everyone who participated was thrilled. The program is free to the participants but sponsorships are appreciated.

This program follows more than 700 prior programs throughout the tristate area and way beyond. To learn more about this amazing program, email or call 646-776-2220.


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