Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam has fed off its tremendously successful first year, starting its second year with nearly 100 girls, in nursery through first grade. Under the tutelage of Rabbi Nosson Neuman and Mrs. Leah Zytman, the Bais Yaakov has delivered on its promise of fostering an environment of genuine warmth and support coupled with academic excellence, all the time. It is impossible to deny the school’s resounding success when observing the girls’ brimming smiles as they leave school every day.

“What we are trying to do here is build upon the proven vision of Sarah Schenirer with classic Bais Yaakov hashkafos but accentuated with our own brand of individualized attention and the special warmth of our school,” says Rabbi Nosson Neuman, menahel of the Bais Yaakov.

After the first day of school Rabbi Neuman remarked in an e-mail to parents, “From meeting the kinderlach at the nursery and kindergarten orientation, to the wonderful pre1A half day, to our very big and eager first-graders (in uniform!), it was a day for me to give thanks to the Ribbono shel Olam for giving us the zechus to be mechanech these precious neshamos. There were a few times when tears came to my eyes watching the happy smiles on our girls’ faces. Thank you for entrusting all of us with your daughters.”

It is precisely that genuine warmth and academic excellence that have contributed to the school more than tripling its registration in just its second year of existence. Mrs. Leah Zytman, the preschool director and general-studies principal, continues to draw upon her extensive career in chinuch ha’banos to strike the right balance between the girls’ natural drive to learn through play and curiosity with structure and age appropriate curriculum.

Mrs. Zytman explained the school’s approach to learning: “Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam offers a rich learning environment using the developmental approach to learning. Our curriculum is a challenging one that coincides with the capacities and needs of children at various stages of growth. We connect teaching and learning meaningfully so the children can remember, apply, and enjoy what they learn.”

The Far Rockaway/Five Towns/Bayswater communities have continued to grow by leaps and bounds, thus necessitating a school of such high caliber. The community has demonstrated that need by warmly welcoming this new, burgeoning Bais Yaakov and entrusting nearly 100 girls in just their second year.

For more information about Bais Yaakov Ateres Miriam or to schedule an interview for registration, please call the office at 718-868-3232. v


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