BYQ 4th-graders singing at the melaveh malkah
BYQ 4th-graders singing at the melaveh malkah

This past Motzaei Shabbos, the Bais Yaakov annual third and fourth grades’ grandmother-mother-daughter melaveh malkah took place. The Parents Association hosts this event to cultivate a special time when grandmothers, mothers, and daughters are able to share special moments. The harmony between the hanhallah and the parents association is obvious as both groups believe in the importance of having moros, teachers, parents, and students spend a relaxing evening together. Sometimes the time spent outside of school can be as important as what happens during school.

An event like this requires the harmonizing of many Bais Yaakov devotees, including parent volunteers to set up and welcome guests. Mrs. Abramchik, the school’s Parents Association liaison, coordinates these special events. Mrs. Boyangiou and Mrs. Merrill were the chairwomen of the event and hostesses for the evening.

This year’s theme, “Be the Star You Are” saw every student shine. The team developed the theme to focus on all of the students’ abilities to shine. Mrs. Reisbaum, the general-studies assistant principal, welcomed guests and students and introduced the stars of the evening, the girls! Mrs. Siegal, third-grade morah, orchestrated the more than 150 students’ song and choreographed movements. Her efforts were worth it–the students’ twinkling smiles and enthusiastic voices were fantastic.

It is wonderful to see that a great education extends beyond the classroom when students and their families come to celebrate together and applaud the many facets of student success!

(My special “star” was my beautiful granddaughter Shoshana Horowitz!)

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