By Larry Gordon –

Journalist or should I say sensationalist, Barbara Walters has announced her much awaited and anticipated—not sure by whom—list of the Most Fascinating Persons of The Year. At the top of the list for some obvious hidden agenda reason is Hilary Clinton.

Why Hilary? Well, clearly this is not because she is in any way, shape or form particularly interesting, rather it seems to be that Hilary has the best shot of being this countries first female president if and when she chooses to run for that top office in 2016. The only thing Hilary really has going in her favor is that Barrack Obama is president now. Enough said about that.

Aside from her femaleness, what is it about Hilary Clinton other than the fact that like Obama she can be a first in the tradition of Rosa Parks and Jackie Robinson. But, um, don’t you think that America has some serious matters that need to be addressed in the coming decade other than worrying about having our presidents make it into the Guinness World Book of Records?

Hilary Clinton was Secretary of State for four year in the first Obama term. Something between little and nothing was accomplished. Yes, she did fly over 1 million miles during those four years. What else is her tenure as Secretary of State remembered for? Well, essentially two things. One is the murder and the subsequent cover-up of the murder of the US Ambassador to Libya along with three remembers of his security detail and the other is that her top aide, Huma Abedin, is the wife of former Congressman, Mayoral candidate and morally challenged, Anthony Weiner.

A few of the other on the Walters list were Miley Cyrus for the offensive and tasteless way she presented herself on TV screens and stages over the last year in an effort to sell albums of her music. And two of the others are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, I guess for having the fortitude to get married a few months after their baby was born. This to seasoned journalist Barbara Walters is just breathtakingly fascinating.

Two of her other picks were Pope Francis and former NSA employee Edward Snowden. I can go along and understand those two. The Pope seems to be a serious and humble man. And Snowden, well today anyway he is in hiding and minding his own business. Maybe Hilary, Kanye, Kim and Miley should try that.


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