As part of bettering his life since serving six months of a three-year sentence behind bars for grand theft auto and fraud, former World Series champion Lenny Dykstra has taken up learning Torah every week.

“I’m on a spiritual journey,” Dykstra, who is Christian, told The New York Post about learning the Five Books of Moses every Wednesday at the Ambassador Wines shop on Midtown Manhattan.

“I’m trying to find if God exists,” he added. “I want to deal with people who are smarter than me.”

In response to a participant analyzing the isolation of Joseph, who was thrown into a pit and later sold into slavery in the aftermath of his brothers’ jealously, Dykstra said: “You lost me, lady.”

“We enjoy his company and he’s a great guy. A lot of fun. We can handle his [unsavory] language,” Rabbi Shmuel Metzger, co-director of Chabad at Beekman Sutton on East 53rd Street told, The Post. He contacted Dykstra after seeing a video on Twitter of the former baseball player discussing the story of Adam and Eve.

“I said, ‘This guy gets it,’ ” Metzger told the outlet.

Dykstra does not plan to convert to Judaism.

“If he is serious, I want to help him in the world,” added Metzger. “There’s a reason why everyone likes him. It’s good, kosher fun.”