Basil grows again in Brooklyn

Despite the cold and rising snow on Thursday, January 4, Basil Pizza and Wine Bar hosted a multicultural celebration of food and wine at a grand debut of their new menu with a Middle Eastern and Israeli flair.

While enjoying the wine, jazz, and hot toddies, guests had the opportunity to get a taste of the new menu and speak with the master chefs behind the incredible new dishes. Basil’s executive chef Kimberly Plafke collaborated with two international chefs, Eran Harel and Avi Steinitz, to introduce dishes with a Mediterranean twist to the menu that locals already know and love.

Basil grows again in Brooklyn

The restaurant is known for having pioneered the kosher fine-dining experience. With the new additions to the menu, Basil proves once again their knack for upping the bar in the kosher-dining circuit.

“We’re constantly reinventing ourselves and outdoing ourselves,” says owner Danny Branover. “Our new menu is well-balanced because it’s a fusion from all over the world. We have Israeli Mediterranean influences, twists on classic Italian pasta, and a Mexican influence with a chipotle cream sauce. You have to really experience it and enjoy it. We’re only moving higher and higher; we hope people will come and appreciate it.”

Basil grows again in Brooklyn

The popular Crown Heights restaurant welcomed politicians, bloggers, and foodies.

According to Chef Kim Plafke, some of the old favorites will be returning to the menu as well, including an updated version of the wildly popular squash soup and some of the signature pizzas, such as kale and fire, the Bianca, and a “really interesting version of the mushroom pizza everybody loved before.”

Some of the dishes the guests enjoyed included a fish shawarma in laffa with tahini and roasted vegetables, a goat cheese and eggplant cigar, and an array of desserts by sous chef Khaled Abu Sbeitan.

The new menu is now available.

Basil grows again in Brooklyn

Established in 2010 in the up-and-coming Brooklyn neighborhood of Crown Heights, Basil Pizza and Wine Bar has become a popular place for anyone looking for a unique fine-dining experience. The restaurant’s upscale, original menu, while maintaining the highest kosher standards, appeals not only to Orthodox Jewish diners, but to trendy and non-kosher diners as well.

Chef Eran Harel was awarded the Berlin-Winner of the best restaurants for 2002 by Travel Magazine and worked in the prestigious Hilton Hotel in Jerusalem; he is currently VP of a first-class catering company with 80 employees and 7 million annual turnover. Chef Avi Steinitz worked in some of the world’s most prominent hotels, including the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and the Ritz Carlton hotel in the United States. Sous chef Khaled Abu Sbeitan worked at the Hilton and Sheraton Plaza hotels in Jerusalem. Danny Reina was announced as new manager of Basil Pizza and Wine Bar.

Basil Pizza and Wine Bar is located at 270 Kingston Avenue in Brooklyn. For questions, call 718-285-8777 or visit



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