By Aryeh Savir

Tazpit News Agency

In what appears to be a series of attacks on synagogues in Bat Yam, another synagogue was again vandalized on Friday night. Crosses were spray-painted on the walls of the ‘Yitzchak Yeranen’ synagogue. This is the sixth attack on a synagogue in Bat Yam in the past month.bat_yam_synagogue

“We came to the synagogue, and were deeply distressed to find it vandalized. It really tears up my heart. The police came and saw the damage, but announced that nothing can be done”, one member said. “If this would happen to a mosque or church the world would be reeling with rage. The police must put an end to this before a real tragedy occurs. This must stop”, another added.

Just this last Wednesday crosses were spray-painted at the entrance to the nearby ‘Ohel’ synagogue. In previous attacks invective slogans and swastikas were painted on the walls of synagogues and windows were broken. Similar attacks occurred at other synagogues in the vicinity.

On Thursday a rally was held at the ‘Ohel’ synagogue to protest what they called a desecration of the synagogues by anti-Semitic terrorists.

“The police come, take statements and shoot photos, but none of the terrorists have been caught yet” one of the congregations members said.

The police stated they are still working on the case and have no leads.

‘My Israel’, an extra-parliamentary Zionist activist group, issued the following statement in response to these recent attacks: “All acts of vandalism are ugly, in the Shomron as well as in Bat Yam. The media must awaken and become active and ‘biting’ as they can. These incidents in Bat Yam should be treated by the government, police and media with the same magnitude as they are in the Shomron.”



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