Rebbetzin Devorah Krinsky, wife of 55 years of יבלח”ט Rabbi Yehuda  Krinsky–secretary to the late Lubavitcher Rebbe and Chairman of the  educational and social services divisions of Chabad-Lubavitch–passed  away on Friday night after a brief illness. Surrounded by her husband  and children, and after the Friday night Kiddush was recited at her  bedside, she peacefully returned her soul to her Maker. She was 74.

The daughter of Rabbi Zev and Etta Kasinetz, whose Brownsville home  in Brooklyn, New York, was a center for early Chabad-Lubavitch  activities in the Unites States in the late 30s and 1940’s, Devorah was  raised with a deep commitment to the world of Chabad-Lubavitch and its  ideals. Her father was a member of the board of Agudas Chassidei Chabad  International. Devorah was among the first students to study in the  newly founded Beth Rivkah, the Chabad girls school in the early 1940s.  She attended high school at Bais Yaakov in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Immediately after her marriage in 1957, Rabbi Krinsky was called up  to work in the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s office. Together with her husband,  Mrs. Krinsky shared in the day-to-day developments of the phenomenal  growth of Chabad-Lubavitch under the Rebbe’s leadership.

As matriarch of the family, and a partner and pillar of support to  her husband as he served the Rebbe, Mrs. Krinsky exemplified the true  woman of valor. With characteristic joi de vivre, she established her  home on Montgomery Street as a lively hub for her children,  grandchildren, great grandchildren and extended family, and for  international visitors and dignitaries to the Chabad-Lubavitch  Headquarters. Mrs. Krinsky’s warmth and humor, her quick wit, practical  common sense, and her concern for others complemented her dignified  comportment.

Mrs. Krinsky is survived by her husband, Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky,  longtime aide to the Lubavitch Rebbe and Chairman of the Lubavitch  educational and social services organizations, and their children: Rabbi Hillel Dovid Krinsky, Mrs. Sheine B. Friedman, Rabbi Menachem M.  Krinsky, Rabbi Levi Y. Krinsky, Mrs. Chana Futerfas and Rabbi Shmaya  Krinsky, as well as her brother Rabbi Moshe A. Kasinetz of Livingston,  New Jersey.

The funeral will be leaving Shomrei Adas Chapels tomorrow, Sunday,  November 25th at 12 p.m. and will pass by Lubavitch World Headquarters  at 770 Eastern Parkway at 1 p.m.



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