Welcome back to OZ. The Belle Harbor community celebrated another post-Sandy milestone on Sunday, August 4. The Ohab Zedek beis midrash, which was destroyed by 12 feet of water during the hurricane, celebrated its chanukas ha’bayis. The beis midrash has been fully renovated with Jerusalem stone and doubled in size. All weekday minyanim and shiurim will be held there from now on. This celebration marks a new milestone in Ohab Zedek’s recovery from the storm. The community would like to thank Stanley Liker, Irv Hackel, Jorge Farber, Mendy Bauman, and Rabbi Tsvi Selengut for making this momentous event possible. The shul is two minutes from the Marine Parkway Bridge. Anyone passing through is invited to visit and take part in their daily minyanim. For more information, please contact Rabbi Selengut at selengut@ gmail.com.

Chanukas HaBayis for Belle Harbor Mikveh, August 11. On Sunday, August 11 (5th of Elul), b’H the Belle Harbor community will be having a chanukas ha’bayis to celebrate the completion of its newly rebuilt mikveh. The event is to take place at 5:00 p.m., at 511 Beach 129th Street, Belle Harbor, NY 11694, in a tent, with a buffet reception catered by Michael Schick, followed by tours of the mikveh. Valet parking will be provided, as well as special permit parking on Cronston Avenue between Beach 126th an Beach 133rd Streets for those who wish to self-park.

Belle Harbor, a beautiful and serene community located ten minutes from Flatbush, Marine Park, and Mill Basin and less than 30 minutes from Boro Park and the Five Towns, was severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Over 90 percent of residents suffered severe damage to their homes, with some homes as well as many portions of the community’s eiruv being destroyed. The synagogues, yeshivas, and mikveh each suffered hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage.

Today, nine months later, the eiruv is operational in over 80 percent of the neighborhood, the mesivta and its beis midrash are fully operational, and the shuls are up and running, despite still requiring additional funds to complete needed repairs. The community is grateful to Hashem and to the many generous and hardworking individuals who have made these things happen.

Since a mikveh is the foundation of every Jewish community, it is most significant that the mikveh has been completely rebuilt and refurbished to a magnificent spa-like atmosphere, a place where the mitzvah of taharas ha’mishpachah is elevated to new heights. The fundraising campaign, led by MikvahUSA, is nearly complete. All design services were donated by Shifra Mendelowitz of Act II Interiors in Brooklyn. Sponsorships are still available. For further information, please contact mikvahdedication@gmail.com or 917-405-4330. v


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