By Ben Levene
Sales Director, CapitIL Real Estate Agency
Licensed Real Estate Agent in Israel

When I meet people from the Five Towns and they find out what I do, I am often inundated with questions about the real estate market in Jerusalem and how to go about purchasing an apartment there.

Recently, we held an amazing event at the JMark showroom in Cedarhurst (we do a lot of work with JMark Interiors. and we will cover this in more depth in our future columns), where we spoke about how you can take the idea that “I want to own a home in Jerusalem” and make it a reality. The feedback was that, for many, there is a lack of awareness and knowledge of how to go about it.

CapitIL was founded to help people just like you navigate the process. We have invested a lot into our website to create informative articles about Jerusalem, and we are always delighted to talk about purchasing a property there, even if you aren’t quite looking to buy just yet.

With that in mind, we will be writing here on a regular basis to provide informative articles connected to buying a property in Jerusalem, whether for use as a vacation home or something more permanent.

Next time, we will be writing about the differences between how a real estate transaction is completed in America versus Israel.

If there are any particular topics that you would like to see covered, please send us an email to

CapitIL is located on King David Street in Jerusalem. Email, call 646-781-7745, or visit to learn more.


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